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message 1: by Ashley (last edited Mar 01, 2016 05:20PM) (new)

Ashley Basile (ahunsicker) | 274 comments Hi everyone! Use this thread to discuss our Adult BOTM, Storm Front by Jim Butcher.

Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1) by Jim Butcher

Also, please make sure you hide any spoilers! This is the spoiler tag:
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message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Basile (ahunsicker) | 274 comments I've read this book and LOVE the series!

message 3: by Vera (new)

Vera Maslow Ashley wrote: "I've read this book and LOVE the series!"

Same here. Though the first few books were slow and I almost gave up, but about book #4 this series really picked up for me. Though to understand all that goes on you have to read the previous books. I hear the same from others saying cause the editor and the publishing he had the first 3 books, but I think it is part of how he writes.
I feel like there are build up books that Im kind of meh about, but then he brings it together and I love that book in the series and rinse and repeat!

message 4: by Cindy (new)

Cindy | 243 comments Vera wrote: "Same here. Though the first few books were slow and I almost gave up, but about book #4 this series really picked up for me. Though to unde..."

I've gotten through the first three books so far. I absolutely LOVE all of those, so now I'm really excited to get further into the series, especially if it gets even better! I really love paranormal books where the main character is a guy, written by a guy, and it's not entirely romance-focused. So often it's always about strong women. Don't get me wrong, I love that, but I really like the change this series brings to what I normally am reading.

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Basile (ahunsicker) | 274 comments I agree Cindy! I loved EVERY book! And I do like a change of pace in characters sometimes! I think Dresden is a fantastic character!

message 6: by Dahrose (new)

Dahrose | 29 comments This would have to be one of the consistently best series out there. Sure book one is a little slow, but it's the building blocks for so much - meeting many of the main players, and understanding Harry and his back story.
Action, humour, tragedy, romance - a book that has it all.

message 7: by Adam (new)

Adam J Wright I love the Dresden Files but I think I read book 3 first by mistake. Then I went back and read Storm Front. There was a lot of set-up in this book (of course) but there are some great action scenes too. Quite a few magical battles.

message 8: by Sylwia (new)

Sylwia (sylwialovesloki) Ill start this any time now. Ive owned the book for a while, happy to finally be pushed.

message 9: by Sylwia (last edited Mar 11, 2016 07:40PM) (new)

Sylwia (sylwialovesloki) Im most of the way through. It started real slow but now its pretty good.

message 10: by Kyra (new)

Kyra Jacobs (kyra_jacobs) | 4 comments I read this book a year or two back and LOVED it. Harry has a sense of humor/snark very much like my own, so it was tremendous fun solving a mystery alongside him. Bought book 2, trying to carve out time to continue reading the series.

message 11: by Sylwia (new)

Sylwia (sylwialovesloki) I just finished it and liked it a great deal. Ill continue with the series at some point. There was nice world building.

message 12: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Basile (ahunsicker) | 274 comments Now that some of you are starting to finish the book (and for those of you who may have read it in the past), how about some questions!

Here's the first (and easy) one:

Which character do you like the most and why? The least and why?

message 13: by Sylwia (new)

Sylwia (sylwialovesloki) Least favorite is Susan the reporter gal, too mercenary and cardboard. Most favorite Bianca the vampire madame, left wanting to know more. Like that shes vulnerable.

message 14: by Cindy (new)

Cindy | 243 comments I like Harry the best. As Kyra said above, he reminds me a lot of my own humor, so that cracks me right up. (I'm having a bit of a hard time remembering how I felt about characters in each book, but...) I remember that I didn't love Susan in this book. I really thought she was just using Harry for stories and didn't care about him at all, which aggravated me.

message 15: by Kristal (new)

Kristal McKerrington (kristal_mckerrington) | 26 comments Hi, I love this book and I will try to continue on with the series. I hope that the group continues on with it.


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