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The last few chapters had a nice build up. I liked Rand's duels, mat stabbing the guard with his ruby dagger, and the horn calling the heroes.

It is a bit silly for such a long book but there were story threads that seem not well developed (or not relevant). Ingtar = lan but a dark friend. Verin = morraine but brown ajah. The white cloaks. The boat guy.

Another story line wanted more development were more background on the different heroes that were called. Sort of feel it was a lost opportunity.

There could have been flashbacks, history drops, etc to build more them up. Still a cool scene and concept.

Padin and thom were more interesting and developed in this book.

Mat and Rand seem to be developing.

Some interesting concepts...

The game (of thrones) erupting after Rand left (and did nothing).

The reveal that certain characters were dark friends.

The forsaken interacting with the team.
lanfear and baalzamon

The seanchan (sp) were a interesting faction. I really like it in games and stories when you have an evolved faction that has the roots of the main world but are totally different.

Void and learning magic
Sword forms during his fights is for me a cool way to explain the fights. Reminds me of my kungfu training.

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Trace | 11 comments Mod
Updated the prior post. Will catch up on podcast until you all move on to book 3.

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