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QUEEN | 141 comments hey

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QUEEN | 141 comments ok who do you want to be?

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You can pick first

QUEEN | 141 comments i want to be an oc female.

QUEEN | 141 comments who do u want to be

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I'll be the male

QUEEN | 141 comments but as in who? do u want to be an original cahracter?

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Idk I'm up for making up characters I think it will be easier what do you think

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QUEEN | 141 comments um ok. can this take place during revenge of the sith, i want to make anakin her brother

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Sure it can I'll be supreme leader smokes he was active during the clone wars we could do that he was trying to recruit her and lure her to the dark side

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QUEEN | 141 comments um.. would u mind rather being an apprentice to snoke and using your young age you try and recruit them that way?

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Sure I wouldn't mind

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QUEEN | 141 comments ok.

can u give me small character profile

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Name: Octavian

Born at: Endor

Gender: Male


Allegiance: Sith

Master: Snoke

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QUEEN | 141 comments Elyon
Born at: Unknown. She has odd bond with the force where she can bend nd change the form of metal, into symbiotic, solid or liquified state.

She has been introduced to everyone was anakins sister but many have speculated they are not blood related since Obi Wan apeared first with Anakin and shoftly after had taken in a young girl who learned along side him. Obi wan is her master.

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My hats good let me just make a bio for my character my bad

Octavian who was born in Endor possessed a good connection to the force snoke noticing his peer and his rage manipulated him to kill his parents and succumbed to the dark side

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QUEEN | 141 comments ok. cool.

you wanna begin?

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Octavian paced outside the tavern in tatooine thinking about the stupid mission his master sent him on

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QUEEN | 141 comments Elyon and Anakin stood beside each other until like brother and sister do often, began a fight. Bored, Anakin tugged Elyon's hair with the force and within seconds she had pounced upon him and they were tumbling on the ground right by Obi Wan's now present feet. he looked down at them with a disapproving look.

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Octavian looked at them and thought to himself finally they've come

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QUEEN | 141 comments write more than that please. your allowed to control more than one person

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((Ok sorry it won't happen again))

Octavian then motioned to the probe droids that were there with him to go and scout if there were anymore Jedis. He then turned to Bossk the bounty hunter and said,"You know what to do."

Bossk smiled and pulled out his gun and fired at the pair of Jedis

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QUEEN | 141 comments Anakin and Elyon parted instaniously, leaping up their gazes whirled to the bounty hunter. Obi Wan unsheathed his saber and they were all suddnely running to the hunter. All but Anakin who quickly used the force to knock him from where he stood.

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The bounty hunter quickly got up and proceeded to launch rockets at Anakin and obi wan as he back pedaled and fired at them

Octavian seizing the chance used force speed to quickly get beside the girl and he took out a dagger that was lined with a sleeping sedation and moved in for the slice

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QUEEN | 141 comments your going way to damn fast son

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QUEEN | 141 comments slow down and please redo. your going to fast. its sellf explanitory

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((Really sorry again gosh I fell like a idiot))

Bossk quickly got up and started firing his gun at the Jedis as he back pedaled and tried to retreat from them

Octavian quietly watched the whole fight going on down there because his master had strict orders for him not to interfere so that the Jedi would not try to hunt them both

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Is that better

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QUEEN | 141 comments ok.

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Your turn

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QUEEN | 141 comments Busy and thus is off

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QUEEN | 141 comments Odd

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Ok so you don't want to do this?

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QUEEN | 141 comments ^^*

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QUEEN | 141 comments Can we redo this entire thing

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Sure we can do that

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Just also tell me how you like to RP it will help a little

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QUEEN | 141 comments With detail and length and slow

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Roger and thanks that helps a lot

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QUEEN | 141 comments sarcasm?

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No it wasn't I really mean it sorry that it came off as sarcasm

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QUEEN | 141 comments Its ok. I just couldnt tell. Dont worry :)

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Alright so what you want to do redo this or do something else your choice

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QUEEN | 141 comments Well we will do the redo in the morning but we can discuss now a new option if thats ok with you?? Is there anything you want to rp?

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It's on with me but I don't have anything specific I want to do I'm up for anything

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QUEEN | 141 comments Hmmm

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