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Post your 2nd March stories.

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Joy Crain | 16 comments What was so great about kissing a girl anyway?
Ten year old Nolan Palmer tilted his head. Girls were gross and kissing them was a certain death sentence. So why was his older brother Aaron bragging to his friends about kissing Susie Henshaw at the senior prom.
Nolan dismissed the thought and went out into the backyard. Over the fence he could hear the soft voice of Abigail Smith, his eight year old neighbor. He lifted his head over and peeked at her playing in the yard with her dolls having a tea party.
Again, the thought crossed his mind. What was so great about kissing a girl?
Abigail lifted a plastic teapot and poured imaginary tea into her doll's cup. "Here you go, Lucy, nice and hot."
Nolan couldn't take it anymore. He slapped the fence and waved his hands. "Hey, Abigail."
Abigail looked up from her tea party and smiled at Nolan. She excused herself and raced across the lawn to the fence. "Hi, Nolan," she smiled.
"Uh, hi," he said nervously.
"You wanna come over and have a tea party?"
Nolan tried his best to keep his disgusted face to himself. "No, I just wanted to ask you a question."
Abigail nodded. "Go ahead."
" see, last night Aaron went to the prom with Susie and then came home and started talking about kissing Susie."
"So?" He shrugged. "I don't get what so great about kissing a girl. No offense, but you're supposed to have cooties."
Abigail folded her arms across her chest and stuck up her chin in a pout. "Am not! You're the ones with cooties."
Nolan bit his tongue to keep from arguing with her, knowing full well that he was right. "Okay fine whatever. I was just wondering what was so great about it?"
Abigail smiled. "Have you ever tried it before? Kissing a girl?"
"No!" Nolan was adamant.
"Well then why don't you just try it?"
"I don't have any girl to kiss." Then he got the most brilliant idea. He looked at Abigail and smiled. "What about you?"
"Kiss me?!"
"Why not?"
"You're not supposed to kiss someone unless you're married to them."
Nolan huffed. Traditionalist. "Okay. I'll marry you."
"What?" Abigail's eyes were as wide as saucers.
"I said I'll marry you," Nolan gritted his teeth.
Abigail thought about it for a moment. "Okay, but you need to buy me a ring."
"A ring?" Nobody said anything about a ring.
"But I don't have a ring." He thought about it. "What if I promise to get you a ring later?"
Abigail looked disappointed. "Alright, but do you promise?"
Nolan lifted one hand to his heart. "Promise."
"Okay," Abigail said satisfied. "Now all we need to do is get married." She looked around the yard.
"What about my treehouse?" Nolan pointed to the wooden treehouse his father had built for him.
"Okay. Now all we need is a minister. Someone to marry us."
"Can't we just say we're married?" All this for a kiss?
Abigail shook her head. "That would be enveloping."
"Enveloping?" questioned Nolan.
"Yeah, that's when you get married in secret and no body knows about it."
"Okay...why don't we just do that?"
Abigail twisted her mouth but finally nodded. "Okay."
Ten minutes later they were up in the treehouse and "married." By this time Nolan was starting to doubt about kissing Abigail.
"Well..." she asked. "Aren't you going to kiss me?"
Nolan sighed, and closed his eyes, ready to lean in.
Nolan could not take his eyes off of Abigail. Fifteen years ago he and promised her a ring and he had finally bought it and gave it to her...and asked her to marry him. He sighed. Who would have thought that they're fake wedding would lead into something more wonderful than words.
Abigail wore a long white dress with her veil trailing behind her. Her hair fell in loose curls at her shoulders and her smile was radiant. Nolan only focused on her, not what the pastor said and barely listened enough to say "I do" when the time was right. The only words he heard were the ones he had been waiting ten months for.
The pastor closed his Bible. "You may now kiss the bride."
Nolan without hesitation pulled Abigail close to him and kissed her. Passionately kissed her. Not that silly peck on the lips he had done years before. Who would have that that one little kiss would change his life forever?
Now he understood. It wasn't about kissing a girl that was so wonderful. It was kissing the right girl. No wonder Aaron had been so excited fifteen years ago when he had kissed Susie. She was now his wife and the proud mother of two kids.
Nolan and Abigail's kiss broke with the crescendo of applause from both families. Abigail smiled at Nolan, everything else vanishing. Just her and Nolan.
"So what?"
"Now what do you think about kissing a girl?"
Nolan grinned and without warning kissed her again.

The End


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Joy Crain | 16 comments Opps. I forgot to add a title.

This story is called "The Kiss."

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Aww so adorable,

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I LOVE it a LOT!!!

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Salma (louvrespaces) | 32 comments It's cute.

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Only one more day to add your story!

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Far Away and Gone

Dear Dad,

I miss you. I miss you lots. We’re great at home. Mom and Eve say hello. I’m happy that even though you can’t come home to my birthday, you’ll be there for Eve’s. Miss you. ♥

Love you,

Catherine crumpled up the letter and threw it on the floor. She had promised that she would tell just the truth, the absolute truth to her father while he was overseas. And that letter was a lie. She was not happy that he was missing her tenth birthday and could come to Eve’s. Eve didn’t care as much as she did. All Eve cared about was looking good and having lots of friends. Besides, turning thirteen isn’t as important as turning ten. “Catherine! Come down or you’ll be late for school!” Catherine sighed. Tomorrow was her birthday party. She headed down the stairs with a heavy heart. As the day went by, she was dreading the time when she should be celebrating her tenth birthday, instead, she was mourning.

Finally, the event had come. Usually, she would have been jumping up and down with excitement, but now she was glum. Nothing was the same since her father had left. Even the birds sang a sad tune that day. As her relatives and friends came in, she greeted them gloomily. The party went by as fast and meaningless as a daydream. After the guests started to go home, she went up to her room with the presents that she got. There was a bunch of stuffed animals, a gift card for an art supply shop, and a letter. The letter said:

Dear Catherine,
I’ll be back in two weeks! I’m at Mount (Censored). I’ll send you some pictures! I know that you’re sad that I’m away, but don’t worry I’ll be back soon. See you in two weeks!

Love You,

Two weeks Later…………..

Catherine sobbed as she held the letter. He was supposed to go home! She cried. She dropped to her knees and read the letter again. The one that told them about her father.
Dear Family of Robert Callihan,
We regret to inform you that Robert Callihan died in duty to his country.

She threw away the letter. Her father was far away and gone and she could do nothing about it. And they wrote it like it didn’t matter. She took a paper and pencil and started her letter….

Dear, Dad........

(I apologize if I got anything wrong in the story)

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It's great!

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Both of your stories are complete opposites :)

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Lady Malia Lindsey Kirkington Ruler of the Western Colonies of the Dancing Violins wrote: "Both of your stories are complete opposites :)"


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Joys is about love and happiness and your is about sadness

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Lady Malia Lindsey Kirkington Ruler of the Western Colonies of the Dancing Violins wrote: "Joys is about love and happiness and your is about sadness"

Oh, yeah. I had like 3 different ideas at first, the second one was very similar to Joy's.

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Could you send them to me? I don't care if there finished or not

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Joy Crain | 16 comments Lady Malia Lindsey Kirkington Ruler of the Western Colonies of the Dancing Violins wrote: "Joys is about love and happiness and your is about sadness"

One thing you can always count on when reading my stories is a happily ever after...

Good Job, Annete of Crimson Isle

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I like happily ever after story's:)

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Joy Crain | 16 comments So do I.

When does the voting start?

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The contestants ends today so the voting starts tomorrow

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Joy Crain | 16 comments Okay thanks

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No problem:)

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Lady Malia Lindsey Kirkington Ruler of the Western Colonies of the Dancing Violins wrote: "I like happily ever after story's:)"

An I'm like "What happens after!???"

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