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maddie | 152 comments haaii

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Hi. So what plot and time period should this be in?

maddie | 152 comments which one do you want to do? all three are gray with me!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

How about two people are both training to be jedi, but they fall in love?

maddie | 152 comments lol i mean great not gray XD
that sounds great! the new time period cool with you? maybe their training with luke and ben before he goes to the dark side?

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Ok. So like, should it be FxF, MxF, or MxM?

maddie | 152 comments mxf cool with you?

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Yeah. You want to be the girl or the boy?

maddie | 152 comments is okay if im the girl?

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Sure. How about they go on a mission with Luke and Leia and fall in love? Can i play Leia?

maddie | 152 comments haha yes! that sounds awesome!! :))
short characters okay with you?

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Yeah. How old are Luke and Leia in the rp?

maddie | 152 comments hmm.... around their late thirties early forties?

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