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Glass Sword > What would your silver/newblood ability be?

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Dennika (ninokunireads) | 35 comments Mod
So I'd been talking with my fiancé about which ability we would have if we were able.
I came to the decision that I'd probably want to be an oblivion. House Titanos it is! Which house would you want to belong to?

House Arven- Silence - White
House Blonos - Blood Healer
House Calore - Burner - Red, black, and silver
House Carros- Strongarm
House Eagrie- Eyes - Black and white
House Gliacon- Shivers
House Greco - Strong-arm
House Haven - Shadows - Black
House Iral - Silks - Dark blue and red
House Jacos - Singers - Gold and yellow
House Laris - Windweaver
House Lerolan - Oblivion - Orange and red
House Macanthos - Stoneskin - Blue and gray
House Marinos - Banshee
House Merandus - Whisper - Navy blue and white
House Nolle - Storm
House Osanos - Nymphs - Blue and green
House Provos - Telky - Gold and black
House Rhambos - Strongarm - Brown and red
House Samos - Magnetron - Black and silver
House Skonos - Skin Healer
House Titanos - Oblivion - Purple and silver
House Viper - Animos - Green and black
House Welle - Greenwarden - Green and gold

message 2: by Mariah (new)

Mariah I would want to be House Blonos, a blood healer. I'm studying Medical & Health Sciences at university and actually want to be a pathologist or do something pathology related :)

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