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Dennika (ninokunireads) | 35 comments Mod
Alright everyone!

February is over which means its time to discuss our February read: Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard.

I enjoyed this book a lot. However I found its pacing to be stop and go. Once it picked up it was worth it. I will say I wasn't as interested in the Red side of the story as I was the Silver side in Red Queen.

And I still hate Kilorn. His character helps push the story along a bit and he helps get Mare out of some tight spaces (that he put her in, mind you). I'm not sure if its his immaturity, his obvious jealousy or his attitude that makes me not like him. Perhaps its a combination of all three. Did you guys find him as annoying as I did?

And Cal. Oh my gosh... Insert eye roll. He feels like a cookie cutter leading man to me. Tall, dark hair, brooding, blah blah blah. Although I could be biased since I am on Team Maven (despite him being a little bit of a psychopath).

Now- I have to talk about that ending you guys! Oh my gosh! How am I going to survive a whole year knowing what I know?! Firstly, off of what we know, Maven actually let Cal go? Wasn't he swearing throughout the whole book he wanted to kill him? And he just... lets him go? I understand its the deal he struck with Mare. Her for them. But it just seems a tad unbelievable that he'd let Cal go. Now that Mare is his prisoner, I'm curious to see how he will actually go about the whole thing since he's obviously still in love with her.

How did the rest of you find Glass Sword? Did it live up to the hype you thought it would?

message 2: by Ashley (new)

Ashley (ashley's little library) (a-little-book-blog) | 2 comments I thought it was slow in the beginning, too. The recruiting was interesting to see all the different abilities of the new bloods. Jon is definitely my favorite and I hope they do a lot more with him!

It's driving me crazy to not know what Farley's question was! I think she's pregnant, is that just me?

I have to say I'm Team Kilorn. I'm always a sucker for the best friends who have unconditional love for the stubborn one who just doesn't love them back the same.

How are we going to wait a year for the next book?!

message 3: by Dennika (new)

Dennika (ninokunireads) | 35 comments Mod
I'm pretty sure Farley is pregnant too! Shade's death was so traumatic but I think its good if Farley is. It'll give her something to look forward to in their tough situation.

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Mariah | 9 comments I don't think I hate Kilorn as much as most people seem to, but I remember being so annoyed when he got Mare locked up in that prison cell of Silent Stone with Cal in the beginning. I think that was also the point that I really started to enjoy Glass Sword.

I liked reading about all of the different abilities, and I actually can't wait to see what happens with the little boy who can kill things with his touch. He was only really in a couple of chapters but I thought that he would have had more involvement in the story when he was introduced.

And that ending! I really don't like Maven, and now he's pretty much treating Mare like a dog but treating her like she has a choice in the matter. Maven gives me Sebastion (from The Mortal Instruments) vibes because of how deluded he is in thinking Mare would just go back with him.

message 5: by Dennika (new)

Dennika (ninokunireads) | 35 comments Mod
And by the way, did anyone else feel robbed about Elara's death? She was alive and then suddenly she wasn't? I would have liked to have been able to read that part. I felt it was just too short.

message 6: by Mariah (new)

Mariah | 9 comments I forgot Elara even died, to be honest! That scene was a let down compared to the rest of the book really, but I think that was probably because Victoria wanted to focus on Shade's death (maybe because that was what Mare would've been most focused on in the moment). I don't know, but that's the only reason I can think of for brushing over Elara's death.

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Ashley (ashley's little library) (a-little-book-blog) | 2 comments I forgot about Elara's death too because it was so glossed over! I can't believe it was so quick and unexplained. I kept thinking "there's no way she's really dead, the book will end with her opening her eyes or attacking someone" and then nothing happened! She's just gone!

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Hayley (accioalfred) | 2 comments Mod
I didn't even realise Elara died because it just happened so quickly. I really wanted something more from her death so I was a bit miffed when one minute she was alive and the next she was just dead.

I'm also not sure on Kilorn but I felt he was a lot better in this one, he didn't annoy me nowhere near as much. I sometimes hated the way Mare treated him, and I found that she was a bit annoying in this book. I felt like her character was a bit whiney and a bit meh.

Overall I enjoyed the premise and the book but there are a few nit picky things that I didn't like so much.

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