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message 1: by Lidiana (new)

Lidiana | 440 comments Mod
I suggest that everyone use this topic to send the link of the review (in case you wrote one). Maybe some new ideas may come from this.

message 2: by Lidiana (new)

Lidiana | 440 comments Mod
My review is very personal. And even though I know I could notify for spoilers, I tend to never give them on my reviews because sometimes curiosity is stronger than the reader.

message 3: by Peter (new)

Peter (petersface) | 80 comments I understand your pain:)

Here is my review.

message 4: by Samanta (new)

Samanta   (almacubana) | 183 comments I can't seem to write the review for this book. I write reviews only when I have the whole picture of them in my head, and it hasn't happened for 1984. It didn't impact me the way it did 10 years ago (I had a much more powerful reaction back then), so my mind doesn't conjure any words for it.

The Reading Bibliophile | 564 comments Mod
Here's my review. Since I'm not a literary critic, my reviews are succinct as they express my general opinion:

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