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message 1: by Erika, Dream Thief (new) - rated it 5 stars

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5168 comments Mod
What did you think of it? Favorite or least favorite characters? Favorite or least favorite part?

message 2: by E. (new)

E. Ardell (eardell) | 6 comments Overall, I loved The Deathly Hallows. I was sad for the end of Harry Potter. There were some definite kinks and I really think JK got rushed through the Battle of Hogwarts. I could have read an extra 100-200 more pages of Harry Potter so that she could have written a more believable scene for how Ron and Hermione got the Basilik tooth from the chamber of secrets, spent more time on the deaths of people like Remus, Tonks and Fred Weasely, and shined a little more light on the Draco situation.

My favorite characters: Draco (I love the little prat), George and Fred (sniff, sniff), Bellatrix ('cause she's cray-cray) and Hermione.

Least favorite characters: Greyback (He messed up Bill's handsome face!) and Griphook (jerk.)

Favorite part: The scene in Malfoy manner when Draco wouldn't identify Harry or Hermione.

Least Favorite part: The epilogue is the bane of my existence. I didn't want 19 years later, I wanted 19 days later.

But after all that negativity, I really did love the book. I loved the Golden Trio being on the run and the discovery of The Deathly Hallows. My favorite books in the series will still always be The Goblet of Fire (because it's hilarious) and The Half-Blood Prince (because Draco broke my heart.)

Sammie For me, DH is one of the strongest books in the series, but then I am a fan of having everything tied up in a neat little parcel so I can go away with closure!

But like E I was devastated for the end of Harry Potter and I agree that an extra 200-300 pages to flesh out the battle definitely wouldn't have gone a miss!

megan (meganxyang) I read this book a few years ago (maybe like 2?) but I really enjoyed it. On the whole, I thought that it was a bit long - although the extra storytelling is amazing! J.K. Rowling does a beautiful job with character and world/setting development, the reader can actually place themselves into the story!

My favorite character is probably Hermione, the "strong female character", in my opinion, alongside Ginny. Her intellect, intelligence, cleverness, and humor brings out the best in Harry and Ron.

As I read it a while ago, I don't remember the specific scenes, but I loved the part where Harry sees the doe Patronus and senses the presence of his parents (the doe turned out to be Snape's - I think).

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) | 194 comments I was actually really sad whenever this book came out. It meant the end of an era....

message 6: by Emmaleah (last edited Mar 05, 2016 10:36PM) (new) - added it

Emmaleah | 2 comments Hello! Have any of you got the Deathly Hallows cover with a black background and a locket? Because I found it at the second hand shop and I bought it, but I've never seen a cover like it before. I also have the UK version.

Thank you!
From Emmaleah

Update even though I posted just then:

I think it is an adult cover from a series of new designs from Bloomsbury. Argh there are so many covers!!

Here is where I found it:

message 7: by Emmaleah (new) - added it

Emmaleah | 2 comments Rachael wrote: "Those adult covers are nice! I have the original Bloomsbury Children's covers. Very colourful on my shelf!"

I agree, they look more sophisticated and match the book titles. I love the children's covers! When I was really little, I would look at them all the time because they looked so pretty and colourful.

message 8: by S (new) - rated it 4 stars

S (siyxx) DH is definitely the top three of my most favorites in the series (along with HBP and GoF!) The novel has matured from a middle grade fantasy to something more like adult novel dealing with various difficult themes. It's dark as hell...with all the revelations and mysteries unfold. I just love it!

My most favorite part...OMG that's too difficult. I like the Battle of Hogwarts scenes a lot. Neville's bravery would never ever go unnoticed (I always rooted for the underdog. Nothing is more glorious than seeing Neville grown up to be a fine young gentleman proving his worthy place in the house of Gryffindor, *sigh*).

Jannicke (jannickesh) I really love DH. It quickly became one of my favourites. It was really emotional and wonderful. I really love that we get to see all of Harry's insecurities and how much like a teenager he is. Harry and the others are really believable characters. I can't help but to feel proud of all of them.

Cookie O'Gorman (cookieogorman) | 9 comments Favorite book of all time. I loved everything about it <3. My favorite characters were (as in the entire series): Neville (I LOVE HIM!), Hermione, Harry, Ron, Draco (ah, he proved himself not all bad in this one!), and Snape Snape Snape Snape Snape :). He's my favorite in the entire series. JK Rowling at her best imo. Loved everything about DH!

message 11: by Melanie (new)

Melanie Cellier | 13 comments I have to agree with everyone that it was sad to see the end of an era! I loved having the wedding at the beginning and Hermione's amazing bag (I often wish I had that bag, it would be so handy! :) )
I also love Neville and absolutely LOVED his scene at the end when, believing Harry's dead and having no idea why he needs to kill the snake, he stays faithful and true and risks everything to follow through with what Harry said. Absolutely awesome! :) :)

I never came around to liking Draco (as I see a few of you did!) but I did feel it was very fitting that the Malfoys were there with the victors at the end because at the end of the day, the Malfoys were for the Malfoys.

And I put myself with those who liked the epilogue because they love closure and having everyone paired off and knowing they're all happy so many years later. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the HEA :)

Having said all that, all the bits of them travelling around in the tent can get slightly monotonous and depressing so that was probably my least favourite part. (Except for all the deaths, of course - gets me every time! :( )

Nicole  (dodidoe624) I love all these (obviously) but this will always be one of my favorites. My favorite character is always Harry, I loved watching him grow into the person he had to become to sacrifice himself, how he learned to love by clinging to his and other people's memories of his family. How he was loyal and strong and how his heart breaks when Ron leaves, how hopeless he feels when he cannot find what the horcurxes are and most of all the poignant sadness of his loss of Dumbledore, to feel as if he never knew him to feel the grief of a friend gone. I also felt deep connections with Snape and Malfoy in this book, to watch Malfoy lose the privileged life and be cast in shadow to struggle with his father and feel pulled in the direction of doing the right thing while being forced to do the wrong this his lose of innocence and childhood came across so strong for me. And of course the love story. The true love that Snape shows at the end was the most heartbreaking love story ever, Always, enough said. I am sad that there was an end to all the stories, but I never feel like its really over I reread them all the time and each time it is like the first time, each time I am enchanted and it will be like this Always.

Alyson Stone (alysonserenastone) | 194 comments Do you think Cursed Child will add anything?

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