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message 1: by Wendi (new)

Wendi Foos | 33 comments Mod
First question for March's title. I love this series so I am super excited! Hope everyone will contribute and please add questions of your own.

If you time-traveled, how much of the future from which you have come would you be tempted to reveal? What might you attempt to change using your knowledge of modern times?

message 2: by Darlene (new)

Darlene (goodreadscomuser_darlenelane) | 2 comments Hello, I am really looking forward to this book. As far as revealing what I know of the future from time-travel, I would be very hesitant. The main reason why is because I know I probably would not be believed. I also don't think I would attempt to change anything given my knowledge. Life happens for reasons that we may not be aware of and it is best not to mess with that. The cause and effect idea. You wouldn't want to think you stopped something from happening, when it should of. That could have a dramatic effect on the future. Who wants to be responsible for that? I think it is best to try and say nothing and do nothing as well.

message 3: by Wendi (new)

Wendi Foos | 33 comments Mod
I am reading another novel that hits on some of your points. A man is given the opportunity to go back and prevent a pivotal event from happening in America's history. He is successful in the prevention but there are major consequences to the future. What if you could choose one event to change without consequence?

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Simpson | 1 comments Mod
I think if I formed strong bonds with people, I'd try and keep them out of harms way. (Major battles or tragedies.) I'm not sure I'd try to change anything, but that would depend on the circumstances. I also LOVE how Claire brings her knowledge of medicine and hygiene to the 18th century. What a big difference those things make!

message 5: by Wendi (last edited Mar 28, 2016 05:30AM) (new)

Wendi Foos | 33 comments Mod
I thought similar in regards to Claire and her medical knowledge. How frightening would it be to go back to this era where antibiotics haven't been invented. One could easily die from a simple infection.

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