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Elishia & Hayley - The Midwife's Confession

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Elishia - When would you like to start this? Hopefully I will be done with the book I am currently reading and we can start in a couple of days if that is convenient for you!?

Elishia Let me know when you've finished VA and hopefully I won't be reading anything so we can start.

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Elishia Just checked my copy has 417pgs so should take us roughly a week to read depending on what we decide.

Day 1: 0 - 50
Day 2: 51-100
Day 3: 101-150
Day 4: 151-200
Day 5: 201-250
Day 6: 251-300
Day 7: 301-350
Day 8: 351-End

75 a day
Day 1: 0 - 75
Day 2: 76-150
Day 3: 151-225
Day 4: 226-300
Day 5: 301-375
Day 6: 376-End

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Okay, so I didn't have my notifications turned on... *D'oh*... Now I do :). So, we can start this, this evening if you still wanna

Elishia I've just started but won't read much tonight. I'm already intrigued and i've only read about 3 pages, I think I know where its going though.

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Woohoo :). I have 122 pgs left of my book, I should be able to finish this evening! If no one bugs me @ work. Then I'll start this one. My e-book says it's 337 pages... I dunno how accurate my thing is on the computer though so..

Elishia I'm going to get some of this read now, I saw you finished your other book.

Elishia Up to the end of Ch5
(view spoiler)

Elishia I'm on page 57 and I don't want to stop yet :-)
Don't read the spoiler above till you've finished ch5.

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Awh there's a video. I'll have to look and see what chapter I ended on last night. The last chapter I read was about Noelles mom..

Elishia I'm a bit further along but having a break

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) K. Yeah I finished chapter 4 last night and am about start chapter 5.. I'm on my phone so I can even view that spoiler anyway. I wish they'd make the GR app for user friendly.

Elishia I know. I have comments about ch6 as well but I'm on my phone. I've just picked it back up

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) awesome. I just woke back up lol

Elishia Lucky you ☺

Ch6 & 7
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Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Man girl you're zooming lol

Elishia I've hardly been reading today as well because the writings so small in the book so i've switched to the ebook.

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Yeah I am reading the ebook too

Elishia I'm taking a break again this book is stressing me out, I couldn't read loads of this author at once.

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Oh no... that sad ?

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Elishia wrote: "Up to the end of Ch5
Do you have a clue whats going on? When it first started I thought Grace had been stolen or was really Noelle's baby but then I started thinking that was Jenny now I just think..."

I'm going to list this under a spoiler, I can remove it if necessary, but just in case someone pops in here lol...

(view spoiler)

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Elishia wrote: "Lucky you ☺

Ch6 & 7
What is going on with Noelle? I can't believe she kept such huge secrets especially the midwife one, where was she going then?

I also think somethings buried in her garden, I ..."


(view spoiler)

We don't have to continue to do spoilers as long as were on the same chapters... UP to you?

Elishia I thought that same thing about her passing out.

I want to know what was in that folder, I wonder if one of them is her sister ( I mean her friends)

Elishia Whoevers behind doesn't need to use spoilers that way none of us get spoiled.

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) K. Well I've been emailing ya what chapter I'm on that way we know lol.

yeah I wanna know what is going on so badly. Wait till you read 8 and 9......

Elishia Ch13
(view spoiler)

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Elishia I'm just starting part 2 and the bit before this
(view spoiler)

Elishia So much for us only reading 50 pages don't think we realised how intense it was going to be. I'm about 1/3 way through.

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) LOL! I know right?? We're just zooming right along!

I just finished Chapter 10. The suspense... I want to know everything all at once... This is why I typically speed through books at times because I want to know

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Elishia wrote: "Ch13
[spoilers removed]"

Chapter 13:: Total shock about them being sisters......

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Chapter 16 (Start of Part 2):
So, we just met Anna! Hmm, I want to know who this child is that Noelle took..... It can't be Jenny considering Emerson had a c-section. What if it is Grace? Did you say the math didn't add up correctly? Well the years that is?

Elishia Thats what I thought but when she was reading the journals she said Grace was born in September.

Elishia You made me start panicking because I thought maybe the date on the letter was when she wrote it but then I remember a conversation they had at the restaurant and they thought the same as me.

Elishia Its a comment about Anna and her daughter but I can't remember when its mentioned so wait till ch 20
(view spoiler)

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Oh okay... Hmm, yeah maybe it is an ad in the paper for a bone marrow transplant? Or maybe they are showing that she received the job for the missing children's organization???

I'm on Chapter 21 now!

Chapter 20 was good, I feel so bad for Tara at times.... Grace and her do not get a long at all :(

Elishia I want to know why Grace is like that is it because of the girl that killed her dad?

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) I dunno? Maybe she was purely a Daddy's girl and really doesn't like her mom? I have a feeling something is going to come out to why she feels that way towards her mom though! I still think that maybe she is Anna's??? You think it's possible?

Elishia You were right

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Right about what!?!?!? You must be ahead of me

Elishia The thing she read online

Elishia But i'm also getting scared now because of the dates

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Oh okay gotcha.... I haven't been paying attention to the dates, go me... I just noticed the years, Um I think one of them was 2010 and then i was 1988 when Noelle was in college being an R.A. in Tara and Emerson's dorm right?

message 45: by Elishia (last edited May 10, 2014 05:54PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Elishia Yes thats all they've been showing so with Anna I never know if her stuffs before or after Noelle died ( well I obviously know now).

I've been wondering if Emersons mum was mentioned but they've just mentioned her. I think the Grandads going to tell Emerson something and i'm also wondering if Sam figured it all out.

Have you realised we've got so engrossed in Lily that no ones mentioning Noelles baby (PLEASE don't let it be with Sam)

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Right? I really hope she didn't have a baby with Sam... But knowing the way this book is going, I won't be surprised.

Yeah, I wonder why Emerson's Granddad wants to speak to her alone... Bet he's going to tell her something!

Elishia Ok i'm done for today seriously now coz its 2am.

I'm so uncomfortable with Sam and Noelle i'm hoping that the conversation thats just happened is it. Ok if you read nay more tonight spoilers pleased i've just finished 23.

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Okay girlie! If I post any to this thread, I'll definitely use some spoilers <3. Nighty Night!

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Alrighty, so I read chapters 23-32 last night.

(view spoiler)

Hayley (mrsjohnson1985) Sorry, I meant 23-31.. I'm just now starting 32!

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