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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. childrens book about a young girl living in a normal world, goes over the fence to find herself in a futuristic dystopia. [s]

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Mel Wilson | 9 comments I remember bits and pieces of the story. The young girl lived on what I believe is a farm. The estate was large, but I don't remember if they grew or raised anything. At the end is a stone wall that her grandmother ( I believe, may have been mother though) told her never to look over. But one day she does and she sees this fantasitc city with a huge tower in the centre of it. So of course she goes over the wall.

In the one scene I remember the most, she was looking through a store window at something, thinking she really wanted it, when a flying droid thing comes to mark her arm. That was how people paid for things, they were marked, and could only spend so much. Instead of working for money, they worked to pay off their Marks. Of course the people there were always in deep debt and therefore "owned" by the people who ran this city.

The people who ran the city were in the top of the tall tower mentioned before. Because the girl had never been "marked" they couldn't track or control her. Which they couldn't have. So they sent a young boy to befriend her and tempt her to buy things. Which she refuses.

I don't remember how it ends exactly, I know the boy ends up being on her side, And I believe he helps her break into the tower so she can do something that ultimately helps the people of the city, and eventually allows her to go home. I don't remember what happens to the boy at the end though.

I read this story in the early 90's. I found it in my classroom. So I have no idea how old it actually is.

I think the cover showed a young girl in a huge field looking through a hole in the stone wall. The wall was taller then she was.

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Mel Wilson | 9 comments I wanted to add that this was a children's chapter book. Not a short story

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Mel Wilson | 9 comments Bumping in the hopes of still finding it. Recently bought the tomorrow city. Its not it.

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Mandiann (goodreadscommandiann) | 22 comments Sounds really interesting. I would read it if you ever found it.

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Marg Corjay | 8 comments The author is Catherynne Valente and she wrote a series of "The Girl Who... Fairyland". I have read the whole series and loved them.

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Mel Wilson | 9 comments It's not the fairyland books. I read this book in the early to mid 90's. Fairyland is 2000's.

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Mel Wilson | 9 comments The City Beyond The Gates

I had quite a few plot points mixed up, but this was definitely the book. (It finally came in the mail)
It was her uncle on the farm with her, they marked your neck not arm with marks. The boy wasn't sent to her, he just happened to run into her. It was one of the controllers that tried to entice her to wish for stuff. She tries, but fails to help anyone but the boy, who goes through the fence home with her. I was probably getting some details mixed with another story.

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Mel Wilson | 9 comments I don't know how to move this to solved

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