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Phoenix~They/Them A white hedgehog appears on the forest ground unconscious.

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Loki was walking in the forest after escaping from the Abyss Prision. He saw a hedgehog-like-creature-thing laying on the ground. That worried him and he check if the hedgehog was alive.

Phoenix~They/Them The hedgehog groaned a bit.

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'At least it's alive.' Loki thought. "It's ok. I'm not hurting you." Loki said softy.

Nobody understood Loki when Loki was growing up. Loki blocked the horror memories in his mind.

Phoenix~They/Them The hedgehog opened one eye then the other eye before slowly getting on both feet.

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'Half human and half hedgehog?' Loki thought.

Phoenix~They/Them The hedgehog yawned and said, "Wow, Chaos Control really tires a hedgehog out."

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That reminded Loki of Thanos and the Other, but he didn't say what was in his mind.

"I guess that makes the two of us."

Phoenix~They/Them The hedgehog jumps and looks at Loki. "Who are you?" She asked.

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"I'm Loki." Loki replied.

Phoenix~They/Them "Well then Loki, I'm Silvia the Hedgehog." She said.

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"Nice to meet you, Silvia."

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia smiled and said, "Thing is, I'm lost."

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"I can help you find your way home." Loki offered.

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia giggled and said, "Highly impossible, I've been transported here from a different world, not to mention I'm from 200 years into the future."

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'Asgard and all the Realms(except Midgard) are thousands.' Loki thought.

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia looked at Loki with a smile.

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"That could be a problem." Loki said.

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia nodded and said, "Unless we collect the Seven Chaos Emeralds and use Chaos Control."

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Loki did promise himself not to use chaos unless it was good use. For Silvia, it was for use.

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia said, "But first I need to find my friends..." She stop talking when her eyes spotted a white Chaos Emerald. "Aha, a Chaos Emerald." Her hands went a teal aura and so did the Chaos Emerald as she made it float into her hand.

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Loki was shocked, but quickly recovered from that.

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia pocketed the Chaos Emerald and said, "Sorry if that shocked you Loki."

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"It's ok. Those gems are different from the Infinity Gems."

Phoenix~They/Them "The what gems?" Silvia asked.

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"Infinity." Loki replied.

Phoenix~They/Them "What are infinity gems?" She asked.

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"Very powerful gems that Thanos is after." Loki replied.

Phoenix~They/Them "These gems have been told to turn your thoughts into power collect all seven and a miracles suppose to happen." Silvia said.

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Loki didn't know that. He was used to knowing about Infinity Gems.

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia said, "It's also best to collect the Chaos Emeralds so no villain can use it for evil."

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Loki nodded in agreement. "If the villain gets their hands on them, they'll be overpowered. It's best if the villains are underpowered."

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia said, "I bet you and Specter would get along well, although she does love a good challenge minus the fact that she's like, the most powerful 16 year old other then her Dad, but her rage does tend to get a little out of hand." She smiled kindly.

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Loki smiled a little. The word rage reminded him of the Hulk smashing.

Phoenix~They/Them "Anyways, we should probably find a way out of the forest." Silvia said smiling.

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"We should." Loki agreed.

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia started climbing a tree to see if she could find an exit.

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Loki used his EXchitauri scepter to find a pathway.

image: description

(Gif from: )

Phoenix~They/Them "Find anything yet Loki?" Silvia asked.

((Wanna go to the park or the streets cause that's where Specter or Speed are that is when they get out of the forest))

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(The park.)

Loki saw a medal gate that led to the park. "Yes, ma'am."

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia jumped down and landed on her feet and said, "That's great."

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"Ladies first." Loki said, letting the blue light of the scepter glow brightly towards the pathway.

Phoenix~They/Them Silvia smiled and said, "Alright." She ran along the path and said, "I'll meet you there ok."

((I'll post at the park first))

Phoenix~They/Them ((Loki and Silvia are already friends :D))

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(Yes and YAY!)

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