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Rob De Santis | 1 comments I am seeking a Beta reader for my dystopian, science fiction novel, Modified, complete at 120,000 words. I'm currently half way through my third edit/re-write. I can begin by sending you the first 240 pages.
Dystopian fiction has always been one of my favorite sub-genres of science fiction. Rarely do we see a protagonist from a wealthy upbringing break free of social norms to better the world for the lesser fortunate. Modified, flips the standard perception for a dystopian protagonist on its head by allowing a privileged protagonist to use his resources in an attempt to fix the corruption bred by the very corporation he is employed by.
Being the heir to the world’s most wealthy corporation isn’t as glamorous as one would think. Factor in a struggle with mental health, i.e. having two headstrong women that only Simon can see and hear. As well as, a weighted conscience due to the misfortune of having Keng Teller for an uncle. Keng Teller who is undisputedly the world's most corrupt individual. In understanding these burdens one might begin to recognize Sigh’s struggle.
Sigh had a plan. A plan he executed to the very last detail. Bombing Keng’s mansion with his uncle inside. Ditching his identity chip in the blast for all to presume he too had died. All went smoother than Sigh had anticipated. As Sigh makes his escape, with a knapsack filled with platinum bits and the sword of his deceased Kendo instructor, he embarks on a journey of redemption and self-discovery. However, the steady presence of the mysterious women brings Sigh to the conclusion that there is more to him than even he understands. Realization is hard met when it becomes evident that the ties to his past cannot be cut so easily. No matter where he hides, his dark history has an astounding ability for finding him.
If this brief query/summary interests you, please send me a message or comment below.

message 2: by Mance (new)

Mance (glitchyghost) | 6 comments Hey, Rob! Your book sounds great, I'd love to beta read. You can send me an email at mance.miller @ gmail.

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