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Gally (SPOILERS for all books!!)

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Emma Gally has always been my favourite character, right from the very first time he spoke.

First of all, Gally is a very misunderstood character. There IS a reason he's such a cold, angry little shit. There IS a reason he hates Thomas right from the start, and there IS a reason he went psycho and ran into the maze after the Gathering. I feel like readers don't want to see things from HIS point of view, so that's why so many people hate him.... I think he's awesome, and more than that - the most realistic out of them all. He's scared - that's NORMAL people - he questions things others don't, and he was troubled.... all these things are perfectly normal and realistic in a person. That's why he's awesome to me; not everyone has to be a hero, people have faults and make mistakes. I totally understood everything he did. Yeah.

Emma And I hope we get to learn more about him in the Fever Code.

Rachel I agree, I think Gally was an interesting character. He was almost like the character embodiment of the reader within this story. He was the one asking the questions and thinking all the things we had wondered while reading the book. Well that's certainly how I felt anyway. It was a shame there wasn't more of Gally in the story.

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