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message 1: by Sarah-Jane (new)

Sarah-Jane (thebooklife) | 30 comments Mod
Discuss chapters 7-13 here! You are free to discuss the chapters in detail, but please do not spoil anything past chapter 13.

message 2: by Raul (new)

Raul (latinlector) | 16 comments Loving this story so much. It's beautifully written. I like that we got a little bit of back story but not too much so it isn't info dumpy. The author is doing a great job with immersing us into this world and slowly making us fall for the main characters.

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna (abookobsessed) I love the story and the characters so far and I can't wait to continue with the book right now. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that I feel like there is (kind of) a love-triangle comming. I am fed up with love triangles and I don't know if I could handle it right now. Let's hope for the best, though! :)

message 4: by Sarah-Jane (new)

Sarah-Jane (thebooklife) | 30 comments Mod
The book is so quick to read, I can't believe I'm at chapter thirteen already! I like the way the backstory is woven in, definitely agree with that and the writing style is very addictive and immersive, it's all so vivid to me.

I love Zhara, and also Caspida too - I'm just not feeling Aladdin as much as I'd like to. He's not leaving me with much of an impression.

Interested to see how it develops though. I feel like there may be a love triangle coming up, BUT if there is I'm interested by it because it's not often we see a two female/one male ratio of a triangle, and it's very uncommon to see a love triangle where the protagonist is not the one making a choice, that's quite rare to me.

Let's see what happens!

message 5: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (thoughtsontomes) | 51 comments Mod
I'm loving the fact that there is a girl gang of lady assassins! This is all I ever wanted!

I love Zahra. My only complaint is a wish she wasn't attracted to Aladdin. She is much wiser than he is so I don't get the attraction. I love that she admits that she loved the old queen, Roshana. I want to know more about their past and what happened with that betrayal because it obviously wasn't what it seemed. I want to know about Zahra's past in general.

I love Caspida as well. Really all of the lady characters I love. Aladdin I'd enjoy more if he wasn't being set up as a love interest. He's fine as a snarky side character, not a love interest. My preference, if there needs to be a romance in this, is for him to end up with Caspida and Zahra to be free in the end.

Is this just a standalone?? Because I could have a whole trilogy in this world.

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