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message 1: by Sarah-Jane (new)

Sarah-Jane (thebooklife) | 30 comments Mod
Discuss chapters 1-6 here! You are free to discuss the chapters in detail, but please do not spoil anything past chapter 6.

message 2: by Raul (new)

Raul (latinlector) | 16 comments So far I'm loving this book!! The writing, the world, the characters. It's just so good!! The only thing I'm worried about is that prince Darian may be one of those one note villains. Hopefully there is some depth to him as the story moves on. I love how the story is unfolding so far and it's been easy to follow.

Kayla (Heroic Pages) (heroicpages) | 12 comments I'm going into this book with no expectations, or low ones. The last book I tried to read that had jinn in it really disappointed me and was a dnf.

So far, I'm liking this. I'm totally thinking that this Phoenix and Zhian are connected. But Aladdin is not impressing me much.

message 4: by Silke (new)

Silke (boekinwonderland) | 2 comments I actually never read a book like this. Of course I read a lot of fairy-tale retellings, but never one with a Jinn or Aladdin. So far I am really loving this book.
Mostly because I am mesmerized with the writing style The desserts and the middle eastern towns really come to live for me. The pace of the story feels just right. Not to slow, not to fast.

I actually love the switching between the present and the past. I am really curious to learn more about Zahra and her history. How did she betray her friend? Aladin doesn't feel very real to me at the moment. I hope he will get more fleshed out in the coming chapters.

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna (abookobsessed) I have pretty high expectations going into this book, as Aladdin is one of my favorite fairytales ever. So far I like it, the writing is great, and the pacing is just right. The only thing that bothers me a bit are the characters. I hope Aladdin gets a more detailed personality as the book progresses. He just feels very basic to me right now (except maybe for the part where he talks about his past, I liked that). I am excited to see where this is going and I am definitely interested to see how this "war" was started and how it ended.

message 6: by Sarah-Jane (new)

Sarah-Jane (thebooklife) | 30 comments Mod
Well I've just started the book and read those six chapters very quickly! I feel very similar to you guys it seems - loving the world, the pacing is very quick and I'm enjoying Zhara a lot. Aladdin at the moment is very blah, not invested in him at all at the moment but it's only the start so of course there's lots of time for development there!

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message 7: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (thoughtsontomes) | 51 comments Mod
I'm loving this already! It's already taking a very different turn than I expected. I thought it might be a more direct retelling, but I'm so glad it has a unique spin.

I love Zahra. She's written so well in that she feels like she has lived for 4,000 years. I like how it's written as if she's talking to her former master and friend as well. It feels more personal that way.

I love the potential heist plot in that they will have to break out this other jinn. I love heists!

message 8: by Kristin (new)

Kristin (whatskappening) | 13 comments Mod
Well, I was not expecting that ending to the sixth chapter! This book is so fun! I am really enjoying it. I really like how easy and well defined everything is. There is depth to the world and the characters, but it isn't too intricate that makes you confused. The pacing is great and I'm loving all the little cliff hangers!

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