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ash ✈ Now Now after i read this book i cried i really did and there are SSSSSSOOOOO many things i could say But i'll say this first THIS BOOK WAS CRAZY AWESOME read it again after i finished it cause it so COOL and my ABSOLUTELY FAV PART wassss........ WHEN MARE SSSSLLLAAPPPED FARLEY hahahahaha i loved that part cause UM she like deserved it for BLAMING Mare for shades death like Farley shut up she thinks shes the ONlY person in the world whose had a boyfriend die well your not! I mean like i NEED you guys OPINION on this book cause I'M pretty sure U ALL got one and what was your FAVORITE PART?????
AND I NEED some good reviews .
OH i CAN'T believe i FORGOT BUNGO MAVEN did anyone hate him as MUCH as i did cause my HATE For him is LIKE HATE REAL HATE!


ash ✈ UM I DONT THINK U REALIZE what he has done cause if u read the last part u would agree with me a leash around her neck HES TREATING HER LIKE A DOG!!! THAT can't be forgiven so if u WANT to give him a second chance GO AHEAD BBBUUUTTT i'm not. I mean like how would u feel if someone who u HATE puts a leash around YOUR NECK huh? But i guess we ALL have an opinion
and i'm glad u hate him for NOW!!!

ash ✈ Nope NOT happening

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Polly Ashrey wrote: "Nope NOT happening"

I agree with you. Maven is beyond redemption now! i can see why people might find him interesting as a character ! but as a love interest No! that's just crazy! he tortured Mare so painfully with that device that she was asking to die! he has killed innocents! and put a leash around her neck that's not sexy! it's degrading. any girls who finds that appealing need a mental health check!

ash ✈ i SOOOOO agree with you its crazy how people think mare could forgive that piece of crap he is WAY beyond redemption he was degrading her and putting her a human on a dogs level its pitiful what he did and there could NEVER be away that he could become good i mean NONE of the people that live in that town would allow him to live he's killed there cousins brothers parents sisters friends. And any person who thinks he could find away back to goodness has qualified to go to the mental institute. Or they just have to good of a heart to let that happen OR there just WAY to naive.

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ash ✈ did i say was mad at you? Ah No i didn't think i did
cause i really didn't mention your name

ash ✈ :D why do you want to be my friend?

ash ✈ Yah is was ha ha

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Polly Sophia wrote: "Okay, Ashrey. No need to get all mad at me. AS you said, everyone has their own opinions. Besides, it's just a book. Sure a really good, one but a book all the same and that's coming from someone w..."

So what your saying Sophia is after all Maven has done. if he turns back to being a good boy it's alright?

You can kill innocents and torture long as it's in the name of love.

ash ✈ yeah that's sooooooo not happening

Gillian To Sophia: the main character in "Once I was a Beehive" was not a psychopath or a murderer. Just a thought.

Back to the entire conversation. I never liked Maven to begin with. He wasn't always there for Mare. And when all of a suddenly he was, he was too perfect. He wined too much to in my opinion. He is creepy in the way he still wants Mare, if she ends up with him it will be disgusting.
Cal is the perfect guy! <3

I agree we all have our own opinions!!!! And that is okay.
I loved the books though!!!! Can't wait for the third! :)

ash ✈ yes i agree

Konstantina✨️ Please someone tell me what he meant when he said "and i told you i would save you" in glass sword i was very confused, was he pretending to play hero?

ash ✈ Maybe hes still in love with her is some sick way and he wants her to trust him even after everything hes done to her family and her herself

Konstantina✨️ i know he still loves her and is obsessed over manipulating her and all, but save her??? from who, from himself?

ash ✈ lol YES

ash ✈ but the problem is he has this SICK visualization of both of them together as a couple but the way he treats her UM NO WAY HONEY theres no way u stand a chance with her any more

Konstantina✨️ PLOT TWIST maybe he has two sides, like two people trapped inside his body and one of them is nice and sweet and the other is evil and sadistic. *gasp*the maven fangirls are not entirely wrong for liking him

ash ✈ maybe he does you no he probably has split personality disorder but i still don like him

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