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message 1: by Gine (new)

Gine Bugge Sande | 62 comments In March we are reading Red Queen! You have now read about 100 pages. How´s the main character? Do you like the fantasy aspect? CR?

message 2: by Gine (new)

Gine Bugge Sande | 62 comments First of all, I just need to express my love for the cover. It's gorgeous!

I really like Mare. She is a thief and would do anything for her family. She is cool and badass. I look forward to see more from her. Not THAT much fantasy in the book so far, but I love the world and the story. The idea about silver blood and that they have different powers is really cool. I like Cal and hopefully I will start fangirling a bit soon (I did it one time when it was revealed who he was, even though I knew it).

CR: Till now it hasn't been something out of the ordinary, but I like it. As I said, the plot and story seems promising. I would give it a 4

message 3: by Annabel (new)

Annabel | 19 comments Amagahd I love it so much already!!
Cal is gorgous (at least how I imaggine him) and Mare is super badass.

I love the idea of physically very different people and the possible fangirl moments to come.

CR: so far I'm sensing a 4-5 star.

message 4: by Andrea (new)

Andrea | 55 comments I like Mare, she seems strong and witty. I am not over the top for her yet, but it will come in time(hopefully). I like the concept and the world and the powers and Cal, ehehe. I thought the queenstrials would be a bigger part of the book, but obviously not.. so im excited to see what is going to happen.

Too soon for a real rating, but its at least a 4

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