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Should I read the sequel?
Rachael Dewhurst Rachael Mar 01, 2016 08:33AM
I feel like the way this book ended was perfect and I'm curious as to how a sequel would follow on. Obviously there's her dealing with losing him, especially in the way that she did - hence the title, I guess - but I'm cautious, worried that it might undermine the story in 'Me before you'. Should I read the sequel? Why? Is it as good?

Thank you in advance. :)

I've heard the sequel is very good and worth reading, I'm probably going to start it later this week. Not sure it can really top the first book......

I loved Me before you but did not like the sequel and do not recommend it. It's not the same w/o him.

I loved "Me before you" and have looked forward with anticipation to following Louisa Clark into Paris and her second novel/life. However, although her character is still attractive to me in this sequel, it's just not as compelling as it was in "Me".

I read this book through to the end because I wanted to know what happened to the characters. Unfortunately, I wanted to skim a lot of the book and just get to the resolution. This was not my experience with "Me before you" as I couldn't put that book down. So, although I would follow Louisa Clark into another novel, I would hope that her story would be more interesting and her character a little less weepy.

I actually was shocked by how much I like Me before you but a friend recommended it. Prior to that I had picked it up and put down a number of times. I am equally shocked I liked Me after You. I like the fact that it rang true and I enjoyed the characters. There was no way she was just going to have a happily ever after life so the fact that she realistically had turmoil I liked. She did piss me off sometimes at how easy she was on the daughter for so long...I would recommend the sequel but it does not match the level of emotion in the first book nor did I expect it to.

I haven't read the sequel to Me Before You but i also am hesitant on reading it because A: It sounds like the Fault in Our Stars where they go to meetings and talk about what there dealing with
B: I am afraid that it will ruin the first book which by the way... absolutely phenomenal!
I also think that there are too many sequels out now and I feel like it just ruins the first book. I think Ms. Moyes shouldn't have written a sequel because it was better left with the first's book ending.
Sorry if this was a long post and this may not have helped you but I just thought I put in my two cents

I loved "Me Before You," and while I liked "After You," I don't think it stands alone the way the first book can. Without the understanding of Louisa I had from the first book, I think the sequel could have been very frustrating to read. Reading it won't ruin your memories of the first book, however -- it doesn't undermine the first story, and it might even add to your sense of it. I just didn't think as a story it was nearly as strong.

Completely agree with you Roc. I have exactly the same concerns, it works so very well as a standalone.

I really liked following Louisa into her new life without Will. She does a tremendous amount of emotional work in building her new life, and opens herself up to new friends and loves. I would gladly read more about her life in New York and America.

Not really. It was pretty predictable.

I loved Me Before You. But I also loved After You. Expect the focus to be on Louisa and her struggle to get on with her life after Will, & the repercussions of her role in his death. I found the book had the best of Jojo Moyes' trademarks - humour and tragedy in equal measure.

I really loved Me Before You. Is the sequel as good as the first book?

Anum exactly I love it as standalone
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I recently read the sequel. It is okay, not great. Honestly it was pretty dull but it does have a nice twist in it. Without will it is just sort of sad

the sequel?

I just finished this book, and I asked myself the same question... Do I want to read the sequel? And I don't want to. The book left off where it should, and I'm not interested without Will. I thought the ending was meant to be the end of their story.

i have the book but i haven't read it yet .. well i did read it but only few pages and i stop. Something missing ... maybe knew that he's not there .. his character is not there anymore.

I am having some difficult time to enjoy 'After You' as much as I did 'Me Before You'.

Smita Magar yes...i agree.
i just scanned through it since i could not go through it savouring like i did to the Me Before You.
it has somehow managed to ruin my m
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I'm not planning on reading After you. I think Me Before You should have been a standalone and I was satisfied with the ending. In my mind she went on to do exactly what Will wanted her to do which is live her life outside of her box.

No, I felt it was a stand alone story with a sad ending.

Completely agree with you Roc. I have exactly the same concerns, it works so very well as a standalone.

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