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message 1: by Nanette (new)

Nanette Avery When I taught middle grades I found that it was difficult to find a book that would tie into the curriculum and also be short enough to get through in the time frame allocated. As a result, as an author, I wrote and published a book which was mature enough and fit the criteria.
The title is "Sixty Jars in a Pioneer Town".
It was written for my students and to date has been well received, resulting in a Kindle edition.

message 2: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Brehl (sandybrehl) | 39 comments Writing for and with young authors is the best possible inspiration. I was excited to be the author-in-residence for a day with three groups of sixth grade kids who are two weeks into their own historical fiction writing with another week to go. I was thoroughly impressed with the scaffolded and effective lessons their teacher had used to lead them to some outstanding pieces, set in circumstances ranging from the Revolutionary War to Civil Rights movement.
Usually when I visit schools the kids have read my book first, but in this case they were far more engaged with my writing and revisions process and coaching on their own than in the book itself. I was so impressed.
Happily, after my day there, many were planning to read Odin's Promise soon and were eager to get the release date on book two in the trilogy.

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