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message 1: by Nick (new)

Nick (doily) | 966 comments Hello everyone,

It’s a brand new month - and a brand new Equinox coming up! - so we have two new books to discuss.

Books of the Month - For March, you selected:

--- March 2016 Science Fiction: The Diamond Age: or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson
--- March 2016 Fantasy: Suldrun's Garden by Jack Vance

There are a couple of starter topics up for each book, but please feel free to start more. If anyone wishes to volunteer to lead the discussion for either of these books, please let one of the mods know ASAP.

We also have our schedule set for the next couple of months:

--- April 2016 Science Fiction: Grass by Sheri S. Tepper. This book was previously read by the group in October, 2012, and the previous discussion threads are still available in the "Previous Books of the Month" folder. We will link them for everyone's reference in April.
--- April 2016 Fantasy: The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip

--- May 2016 Science Fiction: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick
--- May 2016 Fantasy: The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins

Series News -
Concerning Series reads, Kathi, who has been marvelously leading the series discussion on the Mazatlan series, ending this month, has encountered interest in reading the Deverry series by Katharine Kerr, starting on April 1st with Daggerspell.
Here is a link to the second page of the "Time for a Series Read?" thread where folks have been stating their intention to read along:

With this many folks interested in starting a series read, the mods have decided to go for it as a group! The Deverry series read will begin on April 1! You can start reading now if you want to start right in on the discussion come April. The discussion is open to all!

Lastly - Don't forget to drop by the What are you reading in March 2016? thread to share your picks, pans and progress for the month!

Happy Reading!

Nick, for the Moderators of Beyond Reality

message 2: by Kathi, Moderator & Book Lover (new)

Kathi | 3111 comments Mod
Thank you for your kind words.

message 3: by Nick (new)

Nick (doily) | 966 comments Nominations are now open for June 2016's BOTM's! Please check out the "Nominations for June 2016" thread.

Per our usual way of doing things, the noms do not make a groupwide broadcast when nominations begin. We have had several requests to limit our broadcasts, and we try to comply. If, however, the time for nominations to close draws near and we have not had many nom's, then we may make a broadcast. But hopefully we will not have to do so.

So go to the nomination thread and nominate away!

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