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message 1: by Paul (new)

Paul Emery My next novel, the first in a planned series is ready for release. Before I publish on Amazon, I wanted to ask for some marketing help (a problem for many of us!).

My two previous novels weren't so much met with a fanfare on release - more someone tapping a triangle gently (once!) somewhere in the distance. For both it has been a long game to get sales and then reviews.

This novel is a YA Sci-Fi novel - my question is does anyone have any tips on where I can promote a new release for this genre? My budget is low unfortunately (mortgage to pay/teenager to feed takes priority - most of the writing budget went on editing).

It seems that most marketing sites need a countdown deal/free days. I'd like to launch and get a few sales, rather than a flat line... I don't expect to be a best seller - but I think I have a story to tell and it would be cool if someone other than my Mum read it!!

Thank you in advance.


message 2: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) Moved to marketing and promo folder.

Honestly, your best bet for firat in series is to not worry about promotion until you have another book. In the mean time, announcements on social media may nit mean much for new authors, but don't discount your friends and family just yet. A couple of familiar sales might nudge your book into the eyes of strangers.

message 3: by Paul (new)

Paul Emery Thanks Christina - I'm about half way there with the first draft of book 2 - so will just keep writing!

message 4: by Nikki (new)

Nikki Chartier (nikgodwin) I agree with Christina. I write YA, and I've found that the best promo for this genre is free days (or the first in a series free) OR write more books in the series. Then you can discount your first book as free or 99c to do a promo event. The biggest lesson I've learned is that having the next book ready or in the books to be ready soon is the best thing you can do. I lucked up and have a small readership of about 125ish people who've stuck with me, even when my releases are spaced out. I don't think it works as well in today's market as it did three years ago when I started publishing. So definitely focus on more books. Sell-through is your best way of developing a fanbase.

message 5: by Jenycka (new)

Jenycka Wolfe (jenyckawolfe) | 301 comments I second what Nikki said. I'm not in YA, but having a new book in line is the absolute best thing you can do.

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