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Christine | 1217 comments This thread is for background information and general discussion of our March 2016 New School Group Read selection, The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Please do not post spoilers in this thread.

Kelly B (kellybey) | 266 comments I plan on reading this, but it will probably be closer to the middle of the month before I get to it.

message 3: by Melanti (last edited Mar 01, 2016 07:57AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Melanti | 2384 comments I love Ray Bradbury, generally, but I think these stories work better as stand-alone stories read individually or in a more varied anthology than as a fix-up novel.

I had the same trouble with his A Pleasure to Burn: Fahrenheit 451 Stories. Just too much same-ness all grouped together and it ends up feeling incredibly repetitive.

I really recommend trying to space the individual stories out, if you can, instead of reading the book all at once.

Philina | 1562 comments I read this last year for my Bingo and really liked it.

Melanti | 2384 comments Any chance we could get the "this book is about" portions filled out for The Martian Chronicles and Agnes Grey threads? I"m nosy and I like reading people's reviews.

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Christine | 1217 comments Melanti wrote: "Any chance we could get the "this book is about" portions filled out for The Martian Chronicles and Agnes Grey threads? I"m nosy and I like reading people's reviews."

They are filled out for The Martian Chronicles, and it looks like they are for Agnes Grey as well. Members star ratings should be viewable, and they are for me. Not sure why you are not seeing them?

Christine | 1217 comments Okay weird - after I posted my last comment and refreshed the page, the "this topic is about" field was again blank. I put it back in. Maybe a tech issue?

Christine | 1217 comments Aaand it happened again! Must be a GR issue. I will check it again later and see if it is showing up then.

Melanti | 2384 comments Hmm.

I swear they weren't there earlier but I see it now for everything but this thread.

Maybe one of the other mods added them?

Christine | 1217 comments Nope. I know I entered them when I created the threads. I can't see them for this thread right now, so they must be randomly showing up or not.

Christine | 1217 comments I just discovered that there is a topic about this issue in the GR Feedback group. There is apparently a bug with this feature, and GR is working on it.

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Pink | 6556 comments Ah, I thought it was just me that couldn't get the star ratings working on the other thread, so now I know it's a bug, thanks.

Melanti, thanks for the tip about reading this as separate stories, I think that might work best for me. I've only read Fahrenheit 451 previously by Bradbury, which I liked, but didn't love.

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Katy (kathy_h) | 9434 comments Mod
I plan to read this one with the group for the month.

Darren (dazburns) | 1869 comments right! count me in for this one!

bought a second-hand copy off eBay, which arrived yesterday
same lovely cover artwork as the default on Goodreads
crease on said cover, but pages in excellent condition
actually an American edition which has somehow worked its way over to my side of the pond
smells different to British books ;o)

keen to start, but need to finish one of the 6 books that I have on the go at any one time, which should happen over the weekend...

message 15: by Gaby (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gaby (gabypen) Yay! I'm so happy that we'll be reading this book this month. This is my favourite book of all time, so I think it's very appropriate that it's going to be read in my birthday month.
I know that this is a hit-or-miss kinda book, so I would recommend reading this with ample amount of time; it demands to be read little by little, not as a whole story but as individual ones. That's how I was able to really dive into it.
I would also recommend this to anyone because, even though it takes place on Mars and there's Martians, it's mostly about us as humans and individuals. Also, don't let the would "classic" scare you from this one; it's very much understandable. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

Nargus | 567 comments Such high praise Gaby, thanks for the insight!

I think I've only read one short story by Ray Bradbury in high school - and I remember finding it interesting and meaningful, there was so much to discuss as a class.

I'm yet to read Fahrenheit 451. I was thinking of reading that before Martian Chronicles.

Philina | 1562 comments I'm with Gaby (except the favourite book of all time).
If you take it slow and chew on every story it's very profound and quite philosophical.

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Pink | 6556 comments i just browsed my library catalogue for this and realised they had an ebook available to download. I've never used this facility before, but I'm happy to say that I already have it downloaded to my phone and I'm about to start the first story :)

Shelbey (snazzyshelbey91) | 7 comments I normally love Bradbury but I am having a really hard time getting into the book. To be fair I just bought a new book I am really excited to read, so I keep getting distracted. Maybe I should just come back to it since I am a quick reader?

Kelly B (kellybey) | 266 comments I just got this book from the library, and plan on starting it tomorrow.

I'm going to do what a few others have suggested: read one story at a time, take a break, and read something else in between.

Kelly B (kellybey) | 266 comments Well, started it last night. I planned on reading just the first chapter, but ended up reading three:-). So far, I really like it. I had planned to take a break between chapters, but as long as I'm enjoying it I'll keep powering through.

The blend of horror/comedy has been a nice surprise, especially for chapter 3.

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Amy Eckert | 115 comments I'm so glad that the group voted for this last month. It's not a book I've ever really wanted to read, but it is something new and fresh for me, I'm not a sci-fi reader in general. However, Bradbury is a beautiful writer! I'm listening to the audio right now, which has a great narrator. It's more than just about Mars, it's really poetic and beautiful, and also sad. Thank you to everyone for creating this reason to read a great book!

Christine | 1217 comments Amy wrote: "I'm so glad that the group voted for this last month. It's not a book I've ever really wanted to read, but it is something new and fresh for me, I'm not a sci-fi reader in general. However, Bradbur..."

I agree that participating in group reads has pushed me to read books I would not have otherwise read. I'm glad you're enjoying the book!

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MKay | 277 comments I have enjoyed Bradbury in the past. And it is strange, but it is Martians lol!

Desertorum I was about to pass this one, since the genre is not my favorite (at least I thikn it´s scifi...ish) but with so great reviews I think I must give it a try!

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