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message 1: by Holly (new)

Holly | 207 comments Mod
Leave your comments here for Deep Time by Trevor Baxendale. Looking forward to the discussion!

message 2: by Ben (new)

Ben Reed | 96 comments Spoiler review:

I began this little tale last night, and finished it today. That says something for the story. I quite thoroughly enjoyed it, but there were a few things that I did not like. I found it interesting that the crew of the Alexandria seemed very quick to accept the Doctor's statements that he was a the traveler and his ship was a time machine. He dropped these tidbits here and there and not once did anyone say "what? That's not possible!" Most of the time folks can't seem to accept those kinds of statements from the Doctor. Perhaps this quick acceptance was due to the shortness of the story. This brings me to my next point. The middle of the story spent a lot of time on the time shifts. Too much in my opinion really. That time, book space could've been used more productively in my opinion. The last bit I had issue with was the extreme rape-y-ness that exuded from Marco. It didn't seem to serve any purpose really. The bit with him at Tibby's door and later with Clara had no purpose to the story, it never moved it along in my opinion. Sure he was a tool whose only care was finding his mother (he seemed to hate?) but did making him a rape-y stalker do anything to move the story along? So now that those bits are out of the way let me reiterate that I really did like this story. The Phaeron, their roads, Jem were all very interesting. I loved that the Phaeron were this perfect society who were tempted by the Glamour and upon realizing it did the right thing. They closed their roads, all but one, and created a place that could safely contain the Glamour. They did all this knowing that they too would be no more. All in all a good story that with a few tweaks could've been great.

message 3: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 61 comments A little more than a third of the way through and I'm amazed at how fast this book is progressing. I generally don't like a book to have such a large cast of characters, but so far it's easy enough to keep track of them. I don't know if Trevor Baxendale has written anything with the 12th Doctor before (I do know that he has written other Doctors), but he has a near perfect grasp of the character and his voice and mannerisms are spot on, so far. Unfortunately, I can't say much for Clara. She hasn't seemed useful for much as of yet. Reading on...

message 4: by Glenn (new)

Glenn | 61 comments Okay, more than half way done and the story has changed and the tone is different. I don't point to this as a bad thing. On the contrary it's refreshing. When this story started, I felt that it could be adapted for a television episode. Now that I am this far, I'm second guessing that. It would be a challenge. Still loving it though. More later.

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Glenn | 61 comments Okay, I'm finished. I'm going to be brief and spoiler free as I will go into greater detail when we review this properly on the podcast. The story starts off very compelling with an interesting set of characters. It really feels like a proper Doctor Who story. Then the story takes a turn, surprisingly for the better as the tone and mood shift in a delightfully thrilling direction. My only complaint is with the last third of the book. It still stays enjoyable, but I didn't feel that the actions that one or two characters' take wasn't fully explained. Still a good story.

message 6: by Glenn (last edited Mar 08, 2016 09:59AM) (new)

Glenn | 61 comments POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!

After now being able to read Ben's spoilery review, I can see his point about Marco. I didn't feel the same way while reading it, as I just thought it was just more to build on my disdain for the character. But, now that I think about it, it seems superfluous since their was little point for him to be so slimy.

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