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message 1: by Lizzie (new)

Lizzie Twachtman (lizzietwachtman) | 171 comments Mod
I really loved this book. And it reminded me of a lot of the reasons why I enjoy the movie. Here are my final thoughts about it as we move on to March's book.

-How crazy is it that Padme and Palpatine are from the same planet!! Do you think he foresaw these events long ago and orchestrated himself into the middle of it? He's much older than Padme. Did he have premonitions about her place in his future apprentice's life?

-Imagine if Bail Organa had been elected Supreme Chancellor instead of Palpatine. I guess it wouldn't have made for quite an interesting story, as I believe he would be a very good and fair Chancellor!

-One thing I didn't like is the wording of Yoda's explanation of the path to the dark side. In the movie he says: "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." But in the book he says: "To the dark side, fear leads. To anger and to hate. To suffering."
It's a minor beef to be sure! But that quote from the movie is so ingrained in my brain that it really threw me to read it another way.

-Also on the subject of Yoda. I always placed Yoda on this pedestal as a paragon of good. All the Jedi were up there. But reading the tension between Yoda and Qui-Gonn, it feels a lot like a Pharisee vs a Disciple. One is living out the true nature of the Force and one is preaching about it. And I hate to think of Yoda as a Pharisee, but he is so blind to what is happening in the Force. The Sith, Anakin, Qui-Gonn. While Qui-Gonn is open and accepting and actively exploring different things in the Force. It's hard not to see it that way. Though I still LOVE Yoda, of course!!

-Anakin and Padme's relationship in the book is much more fleshed out and far less creepy. in the book, Anakin vows he will marry Padme, which never happens in the movie. As the book progresses, Anakin is not accepted as a Padawan, Padme is revealed to be Queen Amidala and all the while we hear Anakin's deep, intimate, inner thoughts where Padme is concerned, giving even more relevance and weight to their future romance and relationship.

What did you all think??

message 2: by Jay (new)

Jay (jayster5) | 7 comments Here are my responses to your thoughts, Liz!

- I think that Palpatine thought it would be easier to manipulate Padme Amidala than it turned out to be. He severely underestimated her and, I assume, had to adjust his plans a bit to compensate for her not simply signing the treaty and legitimizing the occupation.

- Palpatine absolutely manipulated events and senate votes to get elected Chancellor. If something had changed that outcome, further machinations would have brought on Organa's downfall and Palpatine would have again taken control. The biggest difference than would have been where would Leia have grown up and how would that have changed the outcome of the saga as a whole?

- I agree, the final film version of Yoda's speech is much more powerful. As with all novelizations, Brooks only had an early draft of the script to work from, so I'm guessing that series of lines had not been changed yet.

- Interesting thoughts about Yoda. I've come to think of him as being somewhat complacent in Episode One - comfortable with the state of things and the smooth operations of the Jedi. No Sith has threatened during his extraordinarily long lifetime, so it would be a stretch to believe they'd show up now. Also, no credence has been given to the prophecy by anyone, so the idea of having to deal with such a thing seems preposterous to him. While he does offer some solid advice about the Force and it's uses, I don't think he really starts to "practice what he preaches" until the next episode.

-The Anakin/Padme relationship seems much more "real" in the book - it's not as rushed and unbelievable. Anakin is very much like a typical 9-year old boy with a crush on his babysitter! And Padme actually sort of treats him like she's his babysitter - she's concerned about him, provides him with care and attention, and genuinely likes him, but not in any romantic sense.

I also enjoyed the book. I detailed a lot of the reasons for that in my individual review.

message 3: by Jonas (new)

Jonas Lee (jl_fiction) | 3 comments This book didn't do me a lot of favors, honestly. No more than the movie did. It gave a few looks into the shadow areas, but for the most part, I felt a similar grasp just watching the movie.

Mostly, I'm even more curious about how Palpatine got to this point.

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