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message 1: by Alyssa, The procrastinator XD (new)

Alyssa (castleofglass) | 2507 comments Mod
Do you think they exist?

message 2: by The Fae Louise (new)

The Fae Louise (the_land_of_fae) Yeah, the universe is enormous, how can there be only us

message 3: by Nate (new)

Nate I think the universe is too large not to consider the possibility that there could be other life forms. As to their status or intelligents, who knows.
What if we find something that's the the equivalent of a bug do we still consider that an alien?

message 4: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 11 comments Our universe is way too big for there not to be something else out there.

message 5: by Alyssa, The procrastinator XD (new)

Alyssa (castleofglass) | 2507 comments Mod
So many people don't believe in aliens though, so this gives them a chance to talk about it.

message 6: by Liza (new)

Liza Lorenz (lizalorenz) | 14 comments Michelle wrote: "Our universe is way too big for there not to be something else out there."

I agree, Michelle. It is almost unimaginable that there are not.

message 7: by Liza (last edited May 01, 2014 05:18AM) (new)

Liza Lorenz (lizalorenz) | 14 comments Maddie wrote: "No offense but this isn't exactly the best debate.........

Anyone who says no has no valid point. They may think its ridiculous or child play but they have no thoughts besides their own opinion to..."

You make a good point, as usual, Maddie.
So, I guess this one is not a LET'S DO

message 8: by Liza (new)

Liza Lorenz (lizalorenz) | 14 comments In a bit of a different vein and not really apropos of this debate (but fascinating), I just read an article on parallel universes a few days ago. Scientists believe they exist and that the theory they exist will be testable soon.

They even think another you exists in a parallel universe. Wild stuff. Here's the link for anyone interested:

message 9: by Liza (new)

Liza Lorenz (lizalorenz) | 14 comments Does anyone believe the government knows there are aliens, has evidence of them, and is withholding the info?

message 10: by Alyssa, The procrastinator XD (new)

Alyssa (castleofglass) | 2507 comments Mod
Ooh, that would be a good debate!

message 11: by Ollie (new)

Ollie Bradshaw (sebastian-bach) | 72 comments I think its less likely were the only ones then there are aliens.

message 12: by brooke1994 (new)

brooke1994  (formerlynarnian525) | 533 comments Hmm... idk I've kind of always thought of insects and spiders as aliens.

message 13: by Srikari, The One And Only......! (new)

Srikari (srikarik) | 589 comments Mod
Okay so we all know that the universe is huge and no one knows where it ends, so obviously there are going to be many (discovered or not)other galaxies cuz the milkyway is not obviously nt the only one and galaxies are a group of stars that and each of the stars might have other celestial bodies revolving around those just like our solar system and it is kind off probable that atleat one of the planet has a habitable existence of aliens is 100% possible according to me

it is less likely that the earth is the only habitable planet

message 14: by Audrey (new)

Audrey (audreybooklover) I won't say that I think they are really, but i like to think they are. Alien's like Doctor Who and stuff!! But who knows.

Marie -The Reading Otter (thereadingotter) | 374 comments I bet the beings on other planets are having this same discussion.

message 16: by MiMi (new)

MiMi (planetearthturnsslowly) | 51 comments They exist probably but we'll never find them.

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