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G.L. Wilson | 4 comments I've recently published 'Campion's Choice' on Amazon Kindle and I am keen to attract new readers.

I'm asking for people to pay rather than offering freebies. That way all the reviews I get should reflect whether or not readers feel they have received value for their money! However I will be doing deals and giveaways in the coming months so watch this space.

This is the first book in the Campion series. Here's the book blurb.

Coins that have magical properties. Aliens. Scorpions. Attempted murder. Elvis alive and well and driving a moped. What more could you want? Mystery, adventure, fantasy? Step right up and enjoy the show. This is Campion's Choice.

Jack Campion was just an ordinary thirteen year old kid - well maybe not that ordinary, not after the Dadster's accident - ordinary or not, the last thing he was expecting was all that whooshy stuff in the air raid shelter. Tia Cole had a normal thirteen year old life - with her blind piano playing mum and irritating younger brother - and she was not expecting to end up, in a wood, fighting for her life against every animal that ever wanted to eat a person.

If only Clamp hadn't mentioned the Deathstalker. If only the Nomas had found the meteorite. If only Gidean St-George wasn't such a pain in the neck. Things might have been different!

But they weren't different. So expect the extraordinary - expect Aliens, magic coins, sabre tooth tigers and the occasional walking through walls. That way you won't be disappointed.

This is Jack's story - just don't tell Tia.

The book is available at:

My website is :

Here's hoping the book is good enough to make its way in the world.

GL Wilson.

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Victoria Zigler (toriz) | 769 comments Mod
Sounds like an interesting read.

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G.L. Wilson | 4 comments CAMPION’S CHOICE

Free on Monday 14th March. Great new fantasy adventure.


‘Goes off like a sky rocket.’ ‘Brilliant.’

‘Original.’ ‘Funny.’ ‘I would highly recommend it.”

‘Won’t disappoint.’

Campion's Choice: How To Take A Picture Of The Future

By G L Wilson

Book One of the Campion Quartet.

The book is available at:


Check out my website for further information:

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