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message 1: by Val (new)

Val We are going to wait for the announcement of the 2016 long list on Tuesday 8th March.
Please add nominations from it then.

In the News:
Bailey's have renewed their sponsorship for another three years.

message 2: by Val (new)


Please nominate the book you want to read from this list:

* Kate Atkinson: A God in Ruins

* Shirley Barrett: Rush Oh!

* Cynthia Bond: Ruby

* Geraldine Brooks: The Secret Chord

* Becky Chambers: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

* Jackie Copleton: A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding

* Rachel Elliott: Whispers Through A Megaphone

* Anne Enright: The Green Road

* Petina Gappah: The Book of Memory

* Vesna Goldsworthy: Gorsky

* Clio Gray: The Anatomist's Dream

* Melissa Harrison: At Hawthorn Time

* Attica Locke: Pleasantville

* Lisa McInerney: The Glorious Heresies

* Elizabeth McKenzie: The Portable Veblen

* Sara Nović: Girl at War

* Julia Rochester: The House at the Edge of the World

* Hannah Rothschild: The Improbability of Love

* Elizabeth Strout: My Name Is Lucy Barton

* Hanya Yanagihara: A Little Life

message 3: by Val (last edited Mar 11, 2016 09:28PM) (new)

Val Is nobody itching to read any of them?
We do not have very much time, so I am going to divide them into three groups and set up polls for April, May and June.
In July we can read the winning book (if it is not one of those chosen).

message 4: by Ruthie (new)

Ruthie (ruthiea) | 70 comments I have the Atkinson book, The Strout book, and Girl at War on my "to read" book. read Ruby and was blown away - but very disturbing book, it still haunts me, The Secret Chord did not live up to Brooks' previous novels, which I loved.

message 5: by Val (new)

Val We may be reading A God in Ruins next month, since it has a strong lead in the poll. I've read it and it is very good.
The May poll is currently a tie between Girl at War and A Little Life.

message 6: by Tasha (new)

Tasha I was worried that the Brooks book wouldn't be as good as her other stuff. I love her books and will still read The Secret Chord but with the religious undertone I'm not sure how I'll do with it. Was it heavy on the religion or was that just the backstory to get it moving?

I definitely plan on reading A God in Ruins whether it wins or not. I did vote for it. I didn't vote for A Little Life but I'll definitely be reading that one as well this year.

This list is good in that it definitely expands my reading horizons if I read them. Thanks for the comment on Ruby. I wasn't really interested in that one from the blurb but with you comments, Ruthie, I think I'll check it out.

message 7: by Ruthie (new)

Ruthie (ruthiea) | 70 comments A Secret Chord had very little religion, it was almost an after thought, instead it had a lot of "Battles" and relationship info, but but was told from a narrator's point of view, with his insights and opinions and I found that prevented me from feeling engaged with the characters, I would have preferred alternating narrators to get inside each of the main characters' heads.

Do check out Ruby, as long as none of the content will "trigger" any unpleasantness for you! My review had multiple trigger warnings!

message 8: by Tasha (new)

Tasha Oh, I actually like battle scenes! I may actually like this one a lot then. I'll probably pick this one up sooner then. I'm glad to hear the religion is pretty much in the background. thanks for the input!

I'll will definitely check out Ruby then, I'll also check out your review.

One of the books in the list really has me intruigued. It's The Portable Veblen. I'm going to be checking that one out as well.

message 9: by Tasha (new)

Tasha I found your review, Ruthie, but before I read it, did you say there are spoilers in your review? If so, I'll wait to read it once I've read the book. :)

message 10: by Ruthie (new)

Ruthie (ruthiea) | 70 comments Tasha wrote: "I found your review, Ruthie, but before I read it, did you say there are spoilers in your review? If so, I'll wait to read it once I've read the book. :)"

I rarely recap plots in my reviews so no spoilers there! Read away...

message 11: by Val (new)

Val We will be reading A God in Ruins in April.

The May poll is a tie between Girl at War and A Little Life.
I flipped a coin and we will be reading Girl at War in May.

We will be reading The Secret Chord in June.

Mimi (a.k.a Ellen) (mimilovestoknit) | 2 comments Hello and I'm new here. Am so excited to read with you all. I've read God in Ruins and can't wait to discuss it. Am 3/4 of the way thru Veblen and while I was iffy for a while, it is building into a very interesting and important book. The author is brilliant and makes me laugh out loud. What more can you ask for in a book!

message 13: by Tasha (new)

Tasha I'm glad to hear that The Portable Veblen isturning out to be a good one, Mimi.

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