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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5600 comments Mod
Samantha & Krissy - The Outsiders

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3147 comments Checking in!

Samantha Harvey (missymaysreadingnook) | 404 comments Checking in :)
So, I'm trying to finish up some books from February (definitely bit off more than I could chew), but I do want to read Outsiders soon. It looks like I could read it within a few days. Do you want to just post in sections with spoilers, however far you've read for the day and go from there? I've never read this book before, so it's all new to me.

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3147 comments Since the audiobook is only a little over 5 hours and I always listen at the fastest speed I'll finish this one in about 2 and a half hours and in one sitting. So just randomly checking in with spoilers would be best for me. Just let me know when you are ready and I'll start it :)

Samantha Harvey (missymaysreadingnook) | 404 comments Sounds like a plan!

Samantha Harvey (missymaysreadingnook) | 404 comments Hi Krissy! I wanted to let you know that I'm starting this book today :) I'm hoping that I can finish it by the end of the day or at the very latest tomorrow. I'll make sure to take time to post little sections of what I think as I read. :)

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3147 comments Just started. I was surprised to learn that the author wrote this when she was only 16 years old! She mentioned that in the author's note before the book started

Samantha Harvey (missymaysreadingnook) | 404 comments That's crazy! My edition doesn't have an author's note, so I would've never known that.

Ch. 1-3
(view spoiler)

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3147 comments I am really enjoying this so far. I'm glad I've never seen the movie. I like experiencing the story for the first time.

I've never seen It so I can't comment on that comparison. And you're right. At first when all the characters were thrown at you all at once I was worried I couldn't keep up with everybody. But it helps that each of the character's personalities are completely different and it really helped when Ponyboy went through and introduced us to each individual.

So far I feel the most towards Johnny. Poor sweet boy. I feel so horrible about what he has to deal with. No child should suffer like that.

I only got through chapter 1 before I was interrupted. Then I had to wait for my youngest to go down for his nap. Now I'm listening to as much as I can before he wakes up. I just might be able to finish it. We'll see. I'm now up to chapter 3

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3147 comments Up to chapter 6~ (view spoiler)

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3147 comments Up to chapter 10~ (view spoiler)

Samantha Harvey (missymaysreadingnook) | 404 comments Ch. 3-6

From Ponyboy's perspective, they at least have self-defense on their side. The fact that Johnny is 16 is troublesome though - if he gets arrested and convicted, he could be tried as an adult instead of a juvenile.... I'm so glad they're turning themselves in. I just hope they follow through. It looks a lot better to own up to it than to run from it. I'm glad Dally was there too in the beginning, although I almost wish they would've talked to Darry first, since he's the level-headed one. I think if the boys are honest and upfront about what happened, the police would go easier on them.

I agree with you about the relationship between Ponyboy and Darry. Darry definitely wants the best for Ponyboy and thinks he has the best chance to make something of himself. At the end of chapter 6, I was so happy that Ponyboy could see Darry's feelings for him as they actually are.

Krissy (krissystewart) | 3147 comments Finished! I really liked this book. (view spoiler)

Samantha Harvey (missymaysreadingnook) | 404 comments I really liked the book as well. I was terrified from the mention of the rumble being started to the end that I was going to hate it because of the end. I'm glad that wasn't the case.

This book is so incredibly real and is relevant even today...I didn't realize this book existed and I'm so glad it does. Even today, adults look at the "trouble-makers" and just don't get to know the kids or give them some space to feel accepted. I'm sad that Johnny and Dally died, but it's what we're seeing in today's world. Kids are being shot and we have no idea why. Kids are parts of gangs because it's the only family they have and we, as a society, are not giving them any sort of structure to keep them from the negative activities of gangs. After school programs try, but it isn't enough. I could see myself reading this book a hundred times. I just loved the authenticity in it.

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