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message 1: by Loner (new)

Loner | 10 comments So it's settled then. We are moving ahead with Survival in Auschwitz.

message 2: by Loner (new)

Loner | 10 comments So were you able to get your hands on the book then M Fancy? If need be, we could always choose a different book one that you already have and don't need to buy specifically. Let me know whatever suits you.

message 3: by M Fancy (new)

M Fancy A Good Read | 11 comments Not yet, how about The Scorch Trials. I'm currently reading The Maze Runner.

message 4: by Loner (new)

Loner | 10 comments Alright. Even I have only read the first part of the Maze Runner trilogy. Let's go with this series only then.
Drop a line whenever you finish the first book and then we can jump on the second one together. :)

message 5: by M Fancy (new)

M Fancy A Good Read | 11 comments We can start on the second one. I have it checked out on Epub and only have it until the 23rd.

message 6: by Loner (new)

Loner | 10 comments Alright! So I will start reading the book by tonight itself.

message 7: by Loner (new)

Loner | 10 comments Hey! How is the book going? I kinda started actually reading it the last night only. I am on chapter 9 and so far I am mentally kicking myself for not getting my hands on this book earlier. Dashner does know how to keep a story interesting with just the right amount of twists.
How far along are you in the book? I hope you haven't already finished the book! :P
How are you finding it though? I for one think it's a great sequel to the earlier adventure that Thomas had.

message 8: by M Fancy (new)

M Fancy A Good Read | 11 comments OMG this is a nail biter. I'm on chapter 39. What is gping on??? Have you had the opportunity to read more? I don't want to spoil it.

message 9: by Loner (last edited Mar 09, 2016 04:46PM) (new)

Loner | 10 comments I just finished reading chapter 37.
AND that was trippy as hell! Holy cow! This book just got so much better! :D

message 10: by M Fancy (new)

M Fancy A Good Read | 11 comments WICKED is playing their cards right. I'm wondering why Thomas would be the selected one. What characteristics has he exhibited that no others have?

message 11: by Loner (new)

Loner | 10 comments So I finished the book this evening and the twist at the end just blew my mind! WICKED is absolutely playing its cards right. But the question that lingers is whether it indeed is good or not. I am feeling so indecisive right now about my position on WICKED.
Thomas seems affiliated enough with WICKED but all these threads about the past memories and the new ones that he is making during the trials somehow do not seem to be coming together soon.
Talking about Thomas, to be honest, I kinda like Minho more, what with him being the shuck leader and everything! :D

message 12: by M Fancy (new)

M Fancy A Good Read | 11 comments I finally finished the book. YES, A Big lingering question whether WICKED is good or bad. I totally feel for Thomas. The anxiety of whether this whole ordeal is over or will there be another test. Who can you trust???

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