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Edward Jamieson (edwardjamieson) | 54 comments Title: The Godless - Emancipated Soul by Suren Fant
Author: Suren Fant
Genre: Fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, Mystery
Length: 123000 words
Synopsis ...and behind it hunting of angels has begun.

Centuries ago, when Earth was not under the control of God, it was ruled by a cruel and heartless creature called Neuron. Coming to our planet, God saw how Neuron treated his subordinates. God and Satan decided to take Earth under their wing. It was very difficult mission. Afterwards, God and Satan adapted all people and their emotions.

Time passed. History became a myth, and the myth became a tale, then forgotten forever.

In the twenty-first century, a young man from a wealthy family discovers hidden potential within him. With his new abilities, Aren is sure there isn't anything to prevent him anymore from getting what he wants in life, but soon the hunting for him begins. He has nobody to ask for help and nobody he can trust. All he can do is escape. But these are not humans hounding him; they bear powers Aren has never seen in his whole life.

Who are they? Why do they seek Aren? What does Aren have that they long for? While Aren tries to find answers and to find somebody who can help him, he realizes that he has discovered a myth lost a long time ago and behind it, the angels who are hunting him.

For this new-published book we are giving away 10 review copies to interested reviewers who read fantasy and mystery.

If you're interested, please state your email address along with what file format (epub, pdf, mobi) you prefer.

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Kori | 7 comments I would like to review this for you. mobi please

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