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message 1: by Jack (new)

Jack Bayless The Buggers invaded earth once but now the world is ready. Ender is a very young child when *battle school* comes and takes him with them, he is going to train vigorously for several years and become the greatest and youngest commander in human history and eventually defeat the Buggers.

Characterization is a very important literary element in this book, because it changes the whole outcome of the book with giving you more love for characters and making you feel as if you were a part of the book yourself. Peter Wiggin, Ender's brother i saw the most change in, at the start of the book he was a bully but a smart bullie and he hurt ender the most threatening to take his life at times. This had a dramatic effect on Ender positive and negative, but throughout the book Peter begins to realize he has issues and tries to fix them and in my opinion very well succeeds. He and his sister become very important writers and people in the world. Peter ends up stopping wars from happening and becoming a very important and powerful figure at a very young age influencing decisions on what will happen with the world's peace after they defeat the buggers.

The theme was a very interesting real thing that I agree with. Anyone can be very important person no matter age or size. He shows us how even us kids can be very smart powerful people if they want. He demonstrates this countless times. Ender becomes one of the youngest greatest generals and commanders in the history of the world. He and his group of comrades end up saving the world from the buggers an alien life force who are threatening the safety of the world. When he was back in battle school even though he was the youngest and the smallest student, but even though he becomes the best soldier in the history of the school. Once again demonstrating how any person can become a powerful important person. And Peter Ender’s brother starts writing very influential article as a young teenager. He speaks about the world and wars and treaties and is one of the most important writers in the current world. He uses a fake identity because the world usually sees children as little people who don't have very important thoughts but Peter shows us that is very much indeed false.

Ender's Game, By: Orson Scott Card was a fantastic book. One of my favorite Sci-Fi books. It was a faced paced book always jumping from place to place in a very organized way. It gave a preview of what some new technology in the future could be like that almost seemed realistic "even though it isn't". I really felt like I was a character in this book it was really amazing read.

message 2: by Joe (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joe Good review, Jack. Make sure it gets put in the class discussion instead of on the actual page for the book. It was just by chance that I found this.

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