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Final Scene Ending
Chris W Chris (last edited May 05, 2014 11:29AM ) Apr 30, 2014 10:18AM
I just finished Fangirl last night.

I was wondering what people think about the final scene. Not the Simon and Baz scene but the seen from "Left" the one about Hide and Seek.

So, as this is the final scene there must be some significance and meaning to it. What do you think is the meaning of this particular passage?

I know its about her choosing to finish her English project and doing a great job (She won the Underclassmen Prize) My question is why the message about the hide and seek.

"When you break from behind the tree it's because you want to."

"Ready or not, here I come"
"Here I come, ready or not."

So maybe this means that she's ready to write real fiction and overcome her fears. This seems like a really significant final sentence.

For me, the project simply showed how Cather pushed through her doubts and how she "magnificently" (I'm assuming because it's published) handled her Fiction writing. I agree with Samantha that open-ended endings is a strength of Rainbow Rowell. One wouldn't just want everything shoved to their faces. It's a way to get our minds thinking. Plus, it would be a little bit different for everyone.

Maybe it means that she finally finished her project for her English professor and she was awarded for it because it was so great. I don't think it could mean that she published her/Nick's project and got awarded for that, so I think the first one makes a lot more sense.
And by the way, Rainbow Rowell is the best with book endings! I notice that she likes to leave it open-ended so that it would be up for our own interpretation.

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