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Taylor Doherty She's watching her grandparents farm house while they go on vacation. She lived with them most of her life because her dad traveled a lot for work. She was a big girl, when she left for college she lost the weight. When she goes for a run she ends up going to a diner that belongs to a family friend. She ends up seeing two guys she went to high school with and made fun of her back then. she ends up sleeping with one of them later on in the first book. he leaves during the night. He works on the family farm. He played college football, could have made it to the NFL but his father had some health problems so he came back home to work on the farm. she winds up pregnant, she moves back to the town and takes a teaching position at the school along with the track coach. when the babys dad finally shows back up he finds out he's going to be a dad and everybody all ready knew. He finds out in the second book. In the third it's a few years later and their getting married.

three book series

I read it through amazon. can't seem to find it now

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Taylor Doherty found it!!! totally on accident but so happy I did! Its called "Falling for Bentley"

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