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message 1: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Springs | 181 comments Mod
Tithe was an interesting book. I've always gravitated toward the old (or olde) Child Ballad: Tam Lin. This book seemed to do reverse the roles a little. It is a about a faerie girl (a pixie) left as a changling in the human world. Trying to survive a modern human world with a Faerie war brewing is an interesting twist.

message 2: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Schuder (goodreadscomkirstenschuder) | 233 comments Mod
This month, Kurt decided to read Tithe, and I read Immortal, since it was a tie.

Immortal is about a girl whose grandmother passes, and she is sent to an exclusive boarding school. She has a romance with a boy who houses some secrets, but it's all tied in with her family's history with the boarding school.

The beginning of this book was a hot mess. Normally, if I weren't reviewing the book, I would have put it down. However, in sticking with it, I feel it improved greatly. The plot was more interesting fr om there, and it was interesting.

I did enjoy this book more than I though I would because of the recovery from the beginning of the book.

Did anyone else read this month's selections? What did you think?

message 3: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Springs | 181 comments Mod
I also read immortal. The character of Evie had potential, that didn't seem to be fully realized. She was a strong character, but seemed more inclined to react to a situation rather than act.

message 4: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Schuder (goodreadscomkirstenschuder) | 233 comments Mod
Yeah, the character development was another thing. That's difficult to do on a first book. It's a series, so hopefully there will be some improvements from this author on upcoming books.

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