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February 2016: World War II > People of the Book - 4.5 stars

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message 1: by Denizen (new)

Denizen (den13) | 1138 comments People of the Book centers on Hannah, a young book conservator. Hanah is hired to restore the Sarajevo Haggadah, an illuminated manuscript from the 14th century. As she works on the book, Hannah discovers items such as a butterfly wing and a cat hair trapped inside the pages. She seeks out other experts to help her puzzle out what the items are and what they might say about the book's past at various points in its history. Brooks uses these items to create backstories about the people that may have owned it or worked on it.

I found Hannah an engaging narrator. Brooks did an excellent job intermingling the main story line with the backstories. I learned and I was entertained. What more can a reader ask?

I listened to the audio book which was admirably performed by Edwina Wren.

message 2: by Ladyslott (new)

Ladyslott | 1880 comments I think this may be my favorite book by Geraldine Brooks.

message 3: by Doughgirl5562 (new)

Doughgirl5562 | 728 comments I loved this also.

message 4: by A. (new)

A. Lewis | 1 comments Wow.... this book just drug on forever. The writing is lovely in places but, oh my, what a slog in other places.

message 5: by Joy D (new)

Joy D | 3434 comments I found it very creative and beautifully written.

message 6: by Amy (new)

Amy | 8525 comments I didn’t catch the rave. I guess I thought it was OK. I have not liked a whole lot of her books. And this was probably my first of hers. Actually, I loved the secret chord!

message 7: by Hahtoolah (new)

Hahtoolah | 422 comments I loved this book. It is one of my favorites by Geraldine Brooks.

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