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Ellen | 2095 comments Lemuel Gunn, former police officer and former CIA operative, is living in an old house trailer in Hatch, NM, working as a private investigator. He is hired by the beautiful Ornella Neppi, a bail bondsman, to help her track down Emilio Gava who seems to be skipping bail leaving Ornella $125,000 poorer. Taking the job, and taking Ornella as well, Gunn is unable to find any concrete evidence that Gava even exists. He was reportedly arrested in a drug deal but there is no record of the arrest or mug shots. Someone is working very hard to keep Gava out of sight and out of the papers. Gava's trail leads Gunn and Ornella to Nevada where a feud between rival mobs, who own casinos on opposite sides of the same highway, threatens to explode in violence. A desert showdown may be the end of Gunn and Ornella.

Lemuel Gunn is a man who does not belong in present-day America. He seems like a throwback to the 50's (think Raymond Chandler characters) and that is fairly enjoyable, up to a point. He talks like an old black and white movie starring Humphrey Bogart and has no clue about cell phones, computers or what the heck a 'Google locomotive' does. The mystery was pretty good, some of the scenarios are quite graphic, but the ending was so full of convenient circumstances it was a bit hard to swallow. Not bad ---- but not great.

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Anita Pomerantz | 6305 comments Have you read Littell before? I'm always curious what drives people to select the books they do . . .especially when they turn out to be just meh. Which happens to me often, but usually it stems from someone recommending something to me who doesn't know me well? I don't usually read the same authors over and over.

Ellen | 2095 comments No, I've never read anything by Littell before this. I understand this was a departure from his usual espionage/spy genre. The reason I chose the book ---- I needed a book set in New Mexico for my state challenge. :)

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