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Lidiana | 440 comments Mod
Let’s discuss the impact of Capote’s work on Bowie’s trajectory…

Lidiana | 440 comments Mod
In Cold Blood is one book I would not imagine on Bowie's top 100 list. What do you think Bowie thought it was so appealing about it?

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Peter (petersface) | 80 comments I'm not sure. Maybe that it's just a great book, any was very fashionable when it came out, it was considered hip and new, when Bowie was very young, on the lookout for hip and new things. Also Capote must have had a huge appeal for Bowie as he was an artist who managed his public image very well in search of the good life and worldwide acceptance. Also, Capote was an idol for Warhol, who was a big influence on Bowie. But I have nothing more concrete then this. Maybe I'll have some new ideas when I actually reread the book:)

Jessica | 3 comments In Cold Blood was groundbreaking as the first "nonfiction novel," as Capote referred to it, and created a new genre that we now know as narrative nonfiction. Bowie was obviously very into breaking new ground.

message 5: by Kathi (new)

Kathi This is a very interesting subject. I, too, was surprised at first to see it on the list--murder in America's heartland doesn't seem like typical Bowie ground. But I agree with Peter that the initial appeal may have had more to do with Capote's image. The Black & White Ball sounds like the sort of party Bowie liked to throw or attend in the '70s--celebrities mixing with writers mixing with royalty, etc. Capote was a great talent (IMHO) who lived his successes and failures very much in public, and I think a risk taker like Bowie would find that interesting.

I'm a strong fan of this book so assume it stayed on his list because of the quality of the writing. We'll see if other book club members agree!

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Joéverson (joeverson) | 32 comments I agree with u: great book, great style, great blog-look-a-like-before-was-older... My edition is a brazillian portuguese from a public library in the small town. só, I finally walk in the Sun and maybe I exercise my body with reading-hungry

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