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March 2016 Book > Me Before You: Overall thoughts (with possible SPOILERS)

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message 1: by Mia (new)

Mia | 2 comments Ok so I finished this book yesterday or the day before. It was the first Jojo Moyes book for me and I will for sure buy me the next one as soon as possible.
The writing style was really good and had a great flow. Sometimes, rarely, the story got told from other characters. I would have loved it if the writing style would have adapted to the characters, who describe their perspective, but that's really nitpicking.
I'm normally a fast reader but it took me so long to finish this book. I wanted to read it so badly but I knew it wasn't going to end too well, so I panicked a lot & just stared at the book cover :D Lou is such a sweet character, I love her (and damn I have read a sneak peek into the sequel and idk what this girl is doing). And with Sam Claflin in my mind I could really imagine Will smiling or giving one of his sarcastic comments.
I loved their chemistry, the teasing, the sarcasm overall. I didn't really like Treena, don't ask me why...she bothered me a lot. I hoped for Lou to once stand her ground with her sister, but she is too caring and she backs off as soon as someone gets mad at her (not in the end though with her mother).
And it was the perfect ending. I couldn't have imagined a personality like Will,so full of life and being adventurous before the accident, to accept this sort of living. I got teary eyed at the beach scene, where Will rejects Lou, but his actual passing didn't affect me that much. Probably because Moyes prepared her readers for it xD Really loved this one, great pick *.*

message 2: by Cláudia P. (new)

Cláudia P. Treena was a pain. Even if she showed sometimes a little respect for her sister, her selfishness made me roll my eyes different times. It was my second Jojo Moyes's book and I enjoyed this one better. Even so, I wasn't so amazed as other people told me I probably would be, I enjoyed all the dynamic between Will and Lou, and even Nathan.

Since I knew from the beginning the end of it, I wasn't so surprised by the conclusion but I think some moments were a little forced - to control the readers' emotions and expectations a little too much. I understand that's the purpose of the book, but once I knew what was going to happen, it didn't work for me. And (view spoiler).

message 3: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Garcia (bookworm910) | 4 comments This book absolutely broke my heart. My emotions were on a roller coaster, I laughed, felt anger, and definitely cried. Will's sarcasm and comments and Louisa's replies were so adorable and funny. Witty Will is my favorite. When he gave Louisa the black and yellow striped tights for her birthday, my heart exploded from that sweet gesture. Even though Katrina had her good moments, I still did not like her. She was so selfish at times, especially at the part when she is told her room will go to Louisa since she will be going to uni. And lastly, the letter in the end. I just broke down in that part. I am so glad that "Me Before You" was this month's book. Definitely a good read!

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