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March 2016 Book > Me Before You by Jojo Moyes (NO SPOILERS)

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message 1: by runedbooks (new)

runedbooks | 2 comments THE TRAILER IS AMAZING! Emilia Clarke is so bubbly and cute, and even if the story does seem a bit overused, I hope Jojo Moyes can pull it off (I've heard a lot of sobbing over this un!)

message 2: by Harley (new)

Harley Jones | 1 comments I loved the loved the trailer! I just hope that the movie is in tune with the book.

message 3: by Mia (new)

Mia | 2 comments I heard so much about this book but I wasn't really interested in reading it, because love stories are not my cup of tea. BUT when I saw the trailer I wanted to read it so badly...I mean Sam Claflin, one of my fav actors and Emilia Clarke. Such a good cast and the atmosphere and snippets of the trailer where just great.

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