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Each month we will read a public domain book in a certain genre, about a particular subject, or by an specific author. Report which book or story you've decided to read. Feel free to discuss what you're reading and the author's writing style. Don't forget to leave a review of your selected work.

I thought this month we'd try something different. This month's theme is a setting. Read a book where the setting is on a boat or ship.

Maritime Classics

I'll be back with my own list of books set on a ship or boat.

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Lanelle | 440 comments Mod
Here are some books I have found where time is spent on the water -
Little Miss Grouch
His Unknown Wife
Under the Southern Cross
Dorothy's Travels
The Firefly of France
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder

Louis Becke seems to have a lot of books set in a ship.

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The book I decided to read was Pursuit Of The House-boat. It is the second of a series of novellas written by comic author John Kendrick Bangs.

Have you ever heard of Bangsian fantasy? It is famous historical and literary individuals and their interactions in the afterlife.

I have already read the third in the series and thoroughly enjoyed it. This one not so much, but it was still an entertaining story.

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