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message 1: by Trinity (new)

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
Here we will discuss March's BOTM.

message 2: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
oh cool. Here we go... would anyone like to share, thoughts, opinions, helpful insight on the first story? please

message 3: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
Anyone .. Nancy?

message 4: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Carey (janeefficiency) | 43 comments I'll probably read it today or tomorrow too. I'm really excited and eager to see what it's like after your post!

The copy I have has an introduction by Peter Straub that I read yesterday, and it was really good, and made me excited to get started asap.

message 5: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
There's a lot of nuance and I want to make sure I don't miss any of the subtleties. It reminds me very much of lovecraft only here the only dark creature you seem to be dealing with so far is the darkness of the human mind. I just want to get the most out of it that I can. :)

message 6: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
Yeah, I'm good with all the wording. I mean i don't find that difficult at all. It's just the subtleties.. like .. in the first story..
The woman say the rock was their goddess and she's dead. Okay that was a little too subtle for me... saying she gave them the wine. That whole story was just kind of...confusing at the end for me a little. It was like .. I got it.. but i didn't get it. I mean.. don't treat me stupid here, but I mean, I would just like, say, someone else's perspective on what they think happened.

Don't get me wrong, I love thinking things out and I love stories like this.. but this is one reason why.. i want to discuss. Hehe.

message 7: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
oh, my yes... that would be fascinating.. the scorpion huh? Yes, something told me he ought not to do that.
Also I was wondering about the closed door he encountered and the odd smell and him running away from it. Hmm.I wonder if it was before or after he killed the scorpion.
Thanks ever so much.
See.. ever so subtle. This is good. I love this. Teaching me to think in this way is something I am loving.

message 8: by Randolph (new)

Randolph (us227381) Aickman will not throw you a real King-like or even Lovecraft-like all out conventional spooker (except in one notable case). The weirdness, and it will get weird at times, will be achieved through a gradual introduction of odd details that will serve to throw the reader off balance as the story develops. At some point the reader will usually realize that despite most outward appearances, something very odd is going on. Don't expect Aickman to answer all your questions in the end. Think in terms of enigmatic, numinous, eerie, however the payoff can still be quite dramatic.

message 9: by Randolph (new)

Randolph (us227381) I never like 'Growing Boys' very much. It is quite out of the Aickman style. 'The Trains' is one of my favorite Aickman stories. A classic example of odd details making you aware that something is very wrong. If you really pay attention (view spoiler)

message 10: by Shaina (last edited Mar 06, 2016 03:14PM) (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
Yes... the white fabric/window?

message 11: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
On The Fetch now!

message 12: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
Ok, now The Fetch was the uncanny and creepy and ... Yes... There we go! It left me going 8o

message 13: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
Another book I read had a ghost called a Fetch in it... Anyone else heard of one ?

message 14: by Shaina (new)

Shaina (shainlockholmes) | 686 comments Mod
A certain type of spirit, yeah. Thought that was nifty to see pop up on here.
And yes, welcome Randolph and thanks.

message 15: by Randolph (new)

Randolph (us227381) The Inner Room is probably the most famous story in this collection. It was actually adapted for television. Think of the doll house as your mind. If all the rooms you can see into are your conscious mind then what would the inaccessible "inner room" be and why would it be so sinister?

message 16: by Randolph (new)

Randolph (us227381) I forgot to add there is a nice hour long documentary video about Robert Aickman and his enigmatic writing. There is actually a sub-genre of horror stories described as Aickmanesque.

The video can be accessed here:

message 17: by Trinity (new)

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
Finally started this one!

message 18: by Trinity (new)

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
Got through the first story. Meh, on to the second...

message 19: by Trinity (new)

Trinity | 803 comments Mod
These stories really don't seem to be my cup-o-tea... No pun intended... Never been a huge fan of short stories. Mystery doesn't have time to build. I am finding a lack of excitement that I look for in a novel. I can see that it is simply my preferenes that are getting in the way of me truly enjoying this read. It is well written and plot driven but I stick with my original statement. Meh...

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