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Ryan (kingarthur) | 12 comments Mod
Here is your exclusive sneak peek of our next book, The Stone Bearers by Jacque Stevens!! Read the blurb and get ready for the book, which comes out on March 10th. If you’d like to be extra special, leave your email below and we’ll send you an advanced reader copy before the book’s even out! :)

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About The Stone Bearers >>>

Fifteen-year-old Ashira just received the worst coming-of-age prophecy imaginable.
After years dreaming of oceans, princes, and fairies, she expected to hear the words that would finally whisk her away from her ordinary desert village. Instead she hears, “you will live a life of no renown.

Ready to choose her own fate, she discovers a djinni’s bottle and starts making wishes. When the djinni proves uncooperative and annoying, Ashira sets out to the great city of magicians to learn magic and free herself from an uneventful life as a potter's daughter.

But there is another prophecy being whispered in the shadows. It is said that among the great magicians, there is a demon on the rise with the power to destroy the world. The djinni might be Ashira’s only chance to become someone important, or he just might be the very demon that triggered the dark prophecy.

With the world on the brink of destruction, can Ashira fight her fate and stop the forces that threaten to upset the balance of the universe?

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Carole Hayes (carolehayes) | 4 comments I'd love to review this one!
carolehayes@gmail.com (or if you just want to send a MOBI file: carollinehayes@kindle.com

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Ryan (kingarthur) | 12 comments Mod
Carole wrote: "I'd love to review this one!

Thanks so much! We'll get a copy out to you!

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Kasi Newman Gillespie | 1 comments I'd love to read this! It sounds excellent!

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