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Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)
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Taylor | 1735 comments Discussion will be open March 18th.

Taylor | 1735 comments The discussion is now open!

Mattie (maitreyeemayhem) My book finally came! So excited to get started.

Yelena Lugin (ylugin) | 413 comments Loooove these books :)

Mattie (maitreyeemayhem) I finished the book in a day or two. It was that good.

Taylor | 1735 comments Maitreyee wrote: "I finished the book in a day or two. It was that good."

So glad you enjoyed it! Will you be continuing with the series?

Yelena Lugin (ylugin) | 413 comments I read the entire series in a couple weeks this winter!!! I loved them soo much. They sucked me in :)!

Yelena Lugin (ylugin) | 413 comments Yes!!! I am captive! But for real o would never want to leave!!!!
But I'm assuming if I get sucked in I get to be someone awesome who doesn't die :/ that would be unfortunate :p
I'm good tho. Just woke up. Considering working out before I try and get some studying done... But I'm feeling lazy

Yelena Lugin (ylugin) | 413 comments You are speaking to the procrastination queen! So I feel ya.
Only thing I don't procrastinate on is my reading/writing

Yelena Lugin (ylugin) | 413 comments Well I will let you know when I put mine up for free for a couple days and you could put it in rotation!

I read this thing onece which is so correct for me because I'm still taking classes.
(180 pages of my book left? I'll finish that tonight!!!
8 pages of my textbook left? Why the BLEEP are there so many BLEEPING pages!?) real life right there

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