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Free Pre-release of Keep Your Enemies Closer

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Sam Hunter (samhunter) | 5 comments Keep Your Enemies Closer (A Makaveli’s Prince Novella) by Sam Hunter

A woman held against her will. A young hustler out for revenge. Millions of dollars missing from a heist. Mercenaries ready to kill. A chase to The Bahamas

Cameron had everything taken from him, his brother, his rap career, and his chance to go legit. His girl, Laila, had it much worse.

They were both played by Laila’s sister, for millions of dollars in dirty money. Cameron and Laila try to piece their lives back together but Cameron is under pressure to get the money back. And that involves tracking down Laila’s sister and risking everything all over again.

The chase takes them from Miami to the Bahamas, where danger awaits. The other players aren’t going to let them just take the money. Can Cameron and Laila walk away from this with each other and their lives?

Please feel free to grab a free pre-release copy of Keep Your Enemies Closer in exchange for an honest Amazon review www.samhunter.org/EarlyRelease

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Imani Hilton (imanihilton) | 9 comments ****EXCERPT ALERT****

Available now on AMAZON

From the very start we were doomed, but it didn’t matter to us. If someone has the ability to take you high beyond the sky, why not take the risk? I was a damaged woman before we walked into each other’s lives. I used my body and mind to get the things that I wanted from people. But he showed me how to make decisions with my heart and get better results. He had the means to make me feel him even when he wasn't around. Just the mention of his name sent chills down my spine and a warm sweet wetness between my thighs. I was his and he was mine, but could these feelings be trusted? I’m already in relationship with someone, but only in the physical sense.
Mentally I had left my relationship way before Omari entered into my life. I was already hanging on the edge, but meeting him that day gave me all the push that I needed. I wanted to be bad for him. I felt things I shouldn’t have felt. I no longer wanted to be the good girl everyone thought they knew. I no longer wanted to be predictable. I lost myself in my relationship and needed to find my way back. I took meeting Omari as a sign. That now was the time I should take back my heart and give it to someone who was more deserving of it. There’s just one small problem, I haven’t quite gotten around to telling Raheem it’s over yet.


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Sam Hunter (samhunter) | 5 comments Not sure how your comment is relevant to this thread about my book...

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