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Edward Lee - Where To Begin??

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message 1: by Wade (new)

Wade Garrett | 4 comments Sounds like you want extreme-horror / splatterpunk. Here’s a list of extreme-horror writers.

Tim Miller
Matt Shaw
Wrath James White
Stuart Keane
Sam West
Bryan Smith

message 2: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea | 2 comments I love wrath James white and Bryan Smith I have not gotten around to buying Matt Shaw yet but read the review of sick bastareds and he sounds like a winner also try j.f Gonzalez he's good.

message 3: by Ally (new)

Ally (aheadfull0fghosts) | 1 comments I read the Infernal Angels series by Edward Lee and it was pretty good, especially the 2nd book :) Haven't read anything else by him so can't really comment.

I was led to this after reading The Descent by Jeff Long--while certainly not "extreme horror" it ended up being one of my favorite books of all time! SO well thought out and definitely plenty of violence and gore :)

message 4: by Nick (new)

Nick (veryevildead) | 7 comments Lee is my favorite author. You can't go wrong with the Header series. I would recommend reading The Pig and The House and the short story collection Brain Cheese Buffett before Header 2. Nothing major, but there is some cool crossover that will be more fun with the previous knowledge. Also The Bighead is a must read. The Minotauress for crossover sake should also be read after The Bighead, Header, and Mr. Torso (yea lots of little connections in that one).

message 5: by Nick (new)

Nick (veryevildead) | 7 comments I think there was really just one story in brain cheese buffett "The McCrath Model ss40-C, Series S" that enhances the header 2 experience a little bit. Enjoy though! You pretty much can't go wrong with Lee, and he a has a huge bibliography to dig through.

message 6: by Arne (new)

Arne Zietzschmann | 1 comments And don't forget John Everson ... Nightwhere is my fav book ;)

message 7: by Karl (new)

Karl -- Anyone else read Header 3 yet ? --

message 8: by Nick (new)

Nick (veryevildead) | 7 comments Yes Header 3 was awesome! It wasn't as epic of a story as Header 2 but was bugger than Header 1. It fit nicely right in between. It had a pretty gross scene that made me gag too haha.

message 9: by Albert (new)

Albert | 2 comments I've really enjoyed Ray Garton too. one of my favorites is The New Neighbor. Pretty fun extreme read.

message 10: by Karl (new)

Karl Kev wrote: "Thanks Albert I've just added it to my to read list."

-- Early Garton is better than later Garton, In MHO --

message 11: by Karl (new)

Karl Kev wrote: "Cheers Karl"

-- Cheers to you sir, as this may be the cause of and solution to, all life's problems. --

message 12: by Nick (new)

Nick (veryevildead) | 7 comments I've only read Lot Lizards by Garton but its fantastic.

message 13: by Karl (new)

Karl -- the Garton's that I enjoyed the most were "Live Girls", "Crucifax Autumn" the Dark Harvest version with the missing chapter, "Lot Lizards" and "The New Neighbor" --

message 14: by Karl (new)

Karl -- another author to try is Shane McKinzise



message 15: by Nick (new)

Nick (veryevildead) | 7 comments I second Shane Mckenzie. He's awesome.

message 16: by Nick (new)

Nick (veryevildead) | 7 comments Drawn and Quartered is really good. Four different novellas so you get a nice sampling of his work. If you want to check out his more horror oriented work Meurte Con Carne is a good start and if you want is grosser more humorous stuff either Puss Junkies or Fat Off Sex and Violence would be good.

message 17: by Karl (new)

Karl Kev wrote: "Karl, Nick,
What 1st book would you indeed read of his??"

-- Kev, try https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2...



If you have "Drawn and Quartered" that is a good start also, It's all good --

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