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Question about love scenes...How graphic do you want them?

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message 1: by Grace (new)

Grace Risata | 19 comments How much description do you want in your love scenes?
Do you want "and then he took her to bed" fade to black....
Or do you want graphic details with body parts named, complete descriptions, and nothing left to your imagination?

I'm starting a new book and I'm on the fence about how graphic my bedroom scenes should be. The scenes in my last book were definitely explicit, but I don't know if most readers want that or not. When I'm reading romance novels, I personally tend to read the first love scene and then skim the rest of them. I can't handle hearing about dudes spilling their seed and I tend to zone out pretty quickly after that.

Agree? Disagree? What does everyone want? I know everyone is different but I'd appreciate hearing anyone's opinion. Thanks!

message 2: by McGee Magoo (last edited Feb 29, 2016 10:41AM) (new)

McGee Magoo I like them ranging from mild details to very graphic. Fade to Black is always a disappointment if it's the first scene. I don't mind an author shutting the door on scenes #8, 9 &10, you know?

But I have to say that it's not the explicitness that has me skimming, it's always the number. Gratuitous scenes are a bore. Lots of detail is great when the scene is warranted. But if the characters have a 15 page banging session, hit the shower for another 7 page round, then wake up in the morning and go at it again for another 10...I get bored.

I would be fine with a really long explicit first scene, mild details or even closed-door action for the rest until the big make-up session, which should have lots of details. The sex that is plot progressing and character building is always nice to read about in detail.

message 3: by Varied Books (new)

Varied Books (variedbooks) | 20 comments I love explicit sex scenes w/ emotion. I want to feel the emotions between the MC but I like the sex to be dirty. It's a bummer when the author isn't comfortable w/ writing the explicit details. If ur comfortable I vote yes.

I don't need all scenes to be explicit though. Good luck w/ ur story!

Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog (picklechic) | 29 comments If a book has fade to black sex scenes, I won't like it. It misses a big component that makes a couple compatable for me to feel they have a real connection and are in love. I never skim sex scenes either because they offer clues into the relationship.

message 5: by Deb (new)

Deb B (et1420) I don't think it is defineable as the sex needs to relate to the story and where in the story arc we are. I love to read a really well written graphic sex scene with all the grit and detail and I also like a soft tender scene that is more emotion than play by play .... there is even a time and a place for a "fade to black".
The more important matter for me is that the sex scene fits the story and that there is in fact a story and not a book that is sex over and over for the sake of sensationalism that only leaves a bare bones tale holding it all together.

message 6: by Grace (new)

Grace Risata | 19 comments Thanks for everyone's thoughts, it really helps me out. My first book had graphic details and I was thinking that maybe I should do something different with the second one. It sounds like bedroom scenes should definitely be included as long as they are not the whole plot, not on every page, and convey emotion. I'm writing all this down! Thanks!

message 7: by Lovetoread (new)

Lovetoread | 25 comments do not like the fade to black 1940 style romance. I love hot sizzling passion but with that said I want a strong story with wonderful characters that when they finally get to the bed room it is hot, some authors do this very well while others write page after page of sex, that to me is a turn off. I want the sex to be part of the story not the only part of the story....

message 8: by Judy (new)

Judy Funk | 1 comments Personally, I prefer things to be more graphic. However, I would prefer the whole "fade to black" scenario over many of the silly euphemisms that many authors use. My first "erotica" was Forever by Judy Blume in 6th grade. When I was in middle school I was fine with things being less graphic. Now, I am an adult, I am grown up enough to handle the real words. If you can't handle the "c" word or the "f" word, then by all means, just "fade to black". When I read things like "he plunged his member into her canal" I am not sure if they are having sex or if they are on a gondola in Venice (lol). Even clinical terms like those from biology class are better than the silly terms some authors use to refer to sex.

message 9: by Grace (new)

Grace Risata | 19 comments LOL @ the plunged his member into her canal. If it's the size of a canal, then she's got problems!

message 10: by La Tonia (new)

La Tonia (latonia) | 11 comments Crashing the Net: Seattle Sockeyes Hockey

thanks Laura Elizabeth, I finally got it

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