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Hugh Howey-Wool
Arleney Arleney Feb 29, 2016 09:55AM
Just started reading this book and I was wondering if anyone had any "non-spolier" reviews for it please.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you:)

I did enjoy Wool. I haven't done this yet, but I'm planning to buy a few more books of Howey's. I thought his writing style was unique, and he drew me into his story easily. I reached out to him, before he got too busy and he seemed like a very cool fellow.

I quite liked it, with some minor niggles. I gave it four stars. Definitely worth reading and a good book, but not quite as polished as it might be.

I'd link to my review, but it contains spoilers, so probably not a good thing for you to look at right now.

It's awesome, but not cheery. You will be sucked in. I suggest you just buy the full 5 parts now -- assuming that first chapter or two was intriguing, you will like the rest.

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Arleney Thank you! I was intrigued by the first chapter. Definitely taking your suggestion about getting the other books. I usually stick to my fantasy books ...more
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Clifton Hill I'm a fantasy nut myself, but enjoy sci-fi when I pull myself away from the fantasy trappings. Wool is one where I was very happy to have done so.

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