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message 1: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new)

Trisha | 31440 comments
Duration: March 16th - April 15th
Sign up will be open until: March 14th
Partners will be picked on: March 15th

guidelines for this challenge:
* Sign up ahead of time so we can create pairs (see dates below)
* Create a "shelf" for your partner to choose from before the challenge begins
* You choose 3 books from your partners shelf for your partner to read
* Your partner picks three from your shelf for you to read
*After you read your book come back and post to let your partner know when you are done and what you thought of the book (no pressure, it can be just one sentence)

**** The challenge is to read one book from your shelf that your partner chose. You do not have to read all three! (it's just to give a choice) ****

If you have questions, please post them Here

Please sign up below and post a link to your shelf for your partner to choose from!

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Trisha | 31440 comments Participants

✔1. Drishti
✔2. Christian
3. Michalina
✔4. Hannah
✔5. Aly
✔6. Leah
✔7. Haley
✔8. Michelle (NY)
✔9. Cait
✔10. Vicki
✔11. Jen
12. Meri Kate
✔13. Dezra
✔14. Amanda P
✔15. Chelsea
✔16. Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd)
✔17. Vanessa
✔18. Isabelle
✔19. Ritu
✔20. Esther
✔21. Claire ~aah so many books~
✔22. TinTin
✔23. Emma
✔24. Shruti
✔25. Nicole
✔26. Grace
✔27. Miodrag
✔28. Suzy
✔29. Michelle Q

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message 15: by Meri Kate (new)

Meri Kate (booksandsunshine) | 7 comments I'm in!

message 19: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new)

Trisha | 31440 comments Aly wrote: "I'm in"

Please post a link to your shelf when you can! thanks!

message 20: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new)

Trisha | 31440 comments Meri Kate wrote: "I'm in!"

Please post a link to your shelf when you can! thanks!

message 21: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new)

Trisha | 31440 comments Welcome everyone! I have everyone signed/linked up!
let me know if you see errors! Thx!

message 23: by Vanessa (last edited Mar 04, 2016 11:30PM) (new)

message 27: by Claire (new)

Claire (lindlec) | 186 comments Have not done this for a while - so I'm in.

message 28: by Trisha, lives on coffee (last edited Mar 07, 2016 06:49PM) (new)

Trisha | 31440 comments Updated! Welcome everyone!

Aly & Meri Kate

Please post a link to your shelf when you can! thanks!

message 31: by ❤ Aly ❤ (new)

❤ Aly ❤ | 577 comments Trisha wrote: "Updated! Welcome everyone!

Aly & Meri Kate

Please post a link to your shelf when you can! thanks!"

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message 37: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 777 comments I'm in!(: With my ebooks-owened shelf :D.

message 38: by Trisha, lives on coffee (new)

Trisha | 31440 comments Updated! Welcome to the challenge everyone!

Just an FYI, those of you with Private profiles will need to friend your partner or open your shelves once we get going (so your partner can pick from your shelf)

One more day to sign up! I'll pair partners tomorrow!

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Trisha | 31440 comments **********************************************

Partners have been picked. See post three or below;


1. Nicole & Haley
2. Ritu & Christian
3. Esther & Amanda P
4. Vicki & Emma
5. Cait & Vanessa
6. Michelle Q & Claire ~aah so many books~
7. Michelle (NY) & Miodrag
8. Suzy & Jen
9. Shruti & TinTin
10. Michalina & Isabelle
11. Drishti & Dezra
12. Chelsea & Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd)
13. Hannah & Grace
14. Aly & Leah

* Sorry Meri Kate, I never received a link to a shelf for you so I had to remove you from this month

message 40: by Jen (new)

Jen My partner is Suzy and I choose these three options:

Red Queen (Red Queen, #1) by Victoria Aveyard

Where She Went (If I Stay, #2) by Gayle Forman

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Happy Reading!

message 41: by Suzy (new)

Suzy Kennedy | 424 comments My Partner is Jen and I choose
Bridget Jones's Diary (Bridget Jones, #1) by Helen Fielding - I liked the movie and think the book will be funny
Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë I just read this with a friend, its a good classic to read
Library of Souls (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, #3) by Ransom Riggs It continues a series for you

hope theres a winner in there

message 42: by Suzy (new)

Suzy Kennedy | 424 comments Thanks for the picks Jen. I'm going to read Where She Went (If I Stay, #2) by Gayle Forman finish up the series

message 43: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Morrison (chelsealouise07) Anna, I'm choosing these books for you. I hope one is a winner! :)

Demonglass (Hex Hall, #2) by Rachel Hawkins , because it continues a series for you; also because you rated the first book 5 stars!

Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1) by Kristin Cashore , because I read this back in high school and absolutely ADORED it.

Armada by Ernest Cline , because RPO was awesome and I enjoy Cline's writing!

message 44: by Christian (new)

Christian (clsings7) | 17 comments My partner is Ritu, and here are your choices:
1. The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1) by Maggie Stiefvater Because I really enjoyed this one.
2. Confess by Colleen Hoover Because this one is on my own TBR.
3. Carter Reed (Carter Reed, #1) by Tijans Books Because this sounds awesome and has now been added to my TBR.
I hope whatever you choose is a winner!

message 45: by Drishti (last edited Mar 16, 2016 07:53AM) (new)

Drishti (drishti_ohri) | 431 comments Hi Dezra! Here are your picks:

1. The Kill Order (Maze Runner, #0.5) by James Dashner
because you loved the series (and I love it too)!

2. Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1) by Sarah J. Maas
because this is one of my many many favorite series!

3. Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1) by Kami Garcia
because I loved this one too! It had a really cool and interesting take on magic!

message 46: by Miodrag ★❥ (last edited Mar 16, 2016 08:04AM) (new)

Miodrag ★❥ | 897 comments Here are my 3 choices for my partner Michelle (NY):

1) Divergent (Divergent, #1) by Veronica Roth
When I opened your thread for books, the first thing that got into my eye is this book. I love this series, hope you'll love it too!

2) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
It's sad book so... prepare your tissues. (Would recommend watching the movie after you read this book... movie was really good <3 )

3) The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1) by Julie Kagawa
I haven't read this book, yet... it looks fun. ^^

I hope you'll find your new favorite book in one of these 3 books that I've picked for you.
Happy reading! <3

message 47: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 1677 comments My Partner is Miodrag and here are your picks:

1. Playing for Keeps (Cricket Creek, #1) by Luann McLane - Chose at Random

2. The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - This is quite an interesting read.

3. The Taker (The Taker, #1) by Alma Katsu - Looks like an interesting read.

message 48: by Vicki (new)

Vicki (goodreadscomboobooper49) | 32355 comments My partner is Emma!! Woo hoo! For you I pick the following:

1. Obsidian (Lux, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout because it is THE book that caused me to fall in love with Jennifer Armentrout and science fiction.

2. Red Queen (Red Queen, #1) by Victoria Aveyard because it's one of those books that everyone should read, and the cover is exquisite!

3. Clean by Amy Reed because it was a good book and not like number 1 & 2.

I loved all three of these books. I hope you find a good read among them, too!! :o)

message 49: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 10 comments My partner is Haley :) I pick the following for you...

1. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern The Night Circus because I read this one for pick me a winner last time and I loved it. It is long but the descriptions are so magical.

2. The Luxe (Luxe, #1) by Anna Godbersen The Luxe because there are huge dresses, scandals, and romance, need I say more.

3. The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy, #1) by Marie Rutkoski The Winner's Curse because I loved this book, sweet forbidden romance mixed with lots of action and adventure.

Happy reading!

message 50: by Dezra (new)

Dezra Bennett (dezra_bennett) | 652 comments Hi Drishti! Here are the ones I picked for you.

1. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
Because this is such a quick, fun read.

2. The Death Cure (Maze Runner, #3) by James Dashner
Because as you mentioned I do love this trilogy.

3. Insurgent (Divergent, #2) by Veronica Roth
Because even though this book in the trilogy isn't very loved, I absolutely adored it.

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